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Free Christmas Printables For Kids

These free Christmas Printables will keep your kids busy for a few hours while you wrap gifts or do a bit of last miunte cooking.   Santas and Snowmen are the most popular icons for Christmas… and kids love them.  Again, I’m offer you two options… black and white (coloring sheets) and full color copies (for those who what to just cut and paste.)

My two grandsons, Randall and Glade did a nice job on their project.  They took their artwork home to hang on their bedroom wall.   Pssst… do you think Randall is thinking he would like to color a Santa too?  Who knows!  I love these kids.

Tall Santa Full Color

Tall Santa Black and White

Tall Snowman Full Color

Tall Snowman Black and White

If you miss the last free Christmas printables for kids …download them now to go along with the new coloring printables.

Have a great pre-holiday with your kids.


Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  You can use these free Christmas Printables for gift wrap decor.  Just cut the icons out and glue the to a paper bag…. insert the gift… tie it up with a bow and Waaa Laaa.  Great way to wrap a teacher or grandma gift.

Free Christmas Printables

Free Christmas printables are just the ticket for keeping young hands busy during this holiday season.  These printable Christmas coloring pages are large enough for young children to enjoy.  You can print the Santa Head or the Snowman head in back and white… or you can print the full color version.

The kids can cut them out and hang them on the fridge…or in their room.  These printable are great for teachers to give to their students.  Because they are large, they are ideal for pre-school.

My grandson Landon, who is 4, loved coloring these Christmas Printables. He choose the snowman right off the bat and took the Santa home to share with his sister.

Look how proud!

Here you go:   Black and white Snowman head.   Full color snowman head.   Black and white Santa head.  Full color Santa head.

Hope your kids enjoy!

Till Later


Insightful Nana

P.S.  Grandmas… print off a bunch of these free Christmas Printables for your Grands when they come over to visit.  It will take some of the Christmas excitement “running around” down to a more tolerable level.  Maybe?

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Here are a couple of free Thanksgiving coloring pages for your kids to enjoy.  Children love to participate in the Thanksgiving decorating… so here are a couple of projects they can be entertained by.

The pilgrim couple,  “Bless Thee” and “Thank Thee” is the first project. They are door hangers the kids can color and hang on the front door or on their own bedroom doors… to welcome in the Thanksgiving season.

A full colored option is available too. Print them on card stock or photo paper.   All the kids have to do is cut them out… thread a little ribbon in the top and hang them on the door to greet visitors.

The second project is “Old Tom Turkey”  The younger kids can color him and tape him to their wall or post him on the fridge.  Again…. a full colored option is available for those who just want to hang him up and get a little Thanksgiving spirit.

Here are your free printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages.  Download the links and print them on your printer.

Door Hangers:

Bless Thee and Thank Thee Full Color

Bless Thee and Thank Thee Black and White

Old Tom Turkey:

Old Tom Turkey Full Color

Old Tom Turkey Black and White

Hope your kids will enjoy.

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  Watch for your own Thanksgiving treat…it’s coming in a couple of days.

Registering Your Childs’ Domain Name

Registering a child’s domain name is becoming more and more common these days.  Some couples are receiving their baby’s domain name registration as a gift.  At the cost of about $10.00 a year, couples will invest about $160.00 for the domain registration to remain valid until the child reaches sixteen years old.

Not a bad investment, if you consider a domain name for your child’s name to be important. The first web site was put on the web by Tim Berners Lee in 1991. 108 million sites have been added since then and, several thousand sites are added everyday.  Let’s face it… the Internet isn’t going away.

Surprisingly, no government or central authority controls the World Wide Web… thank goodness.  This allows free enterprise and trade to have no barriers.  Private companies such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN regulate their own search engines, putting their own restrictions in place.

Off-line business are joining the World Wide Web as a means of supporting their companies bottom line. Social sites and blogs are growing in popularity as a means of meeting people with like interests and, businesses are using them as a means of networking.  So what does this mean to your child?

Even though your baby will may not use the domain name for several years to come, having your child’s digital identity already established provides an easy-to-remember, personal or business web address, when the time comes.

You may want to consider this important step for yourself too. It makes it possible to have an e-mail address without all the numbers if you have a common name.  Since blogs are becoming more and more popular as a means of communication between friends and family members, having your own domain name will become increasingly more important for those who want to be easily located.

If you’ve ever tried to register a domain name for your business, you probably realize that finding one that’s not already taken can be difficult. Having your own Web business in your name is becoming increasingly vital… as it will be for your child.

If your decide to register your child’s domain name, make sure you put privacy precautions in place. Companies, such as Go Daddy, allow domain buyers to register anonymously. In other words, you don’t have to make your child’s name, address and other contact information accessible to the public.

Often time, free domain registration does not give you this opportunity… therefore, the child’s information is  publicly searchable.  It’s best to pay a little bit for the opportunity to have a privacy policy in place.

The most prized address is “YourChildsName.Com” Next is “YourChildsName.Net” I don’t think “YourChildsName.Gov” is a very good idea unless you know he’s going to be the President of the United States.

Some folks don’t think it’s wise to register their children’s names… but…  I’m giving you this little bit of information so you can at least weigh the consideration.

Till later,

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  Sorry… is already taken… by me!

P.S.S.  When Britney Spears announced the name of her last child, someone registered the name immediately… I’m sure…hoping to cash in on the possibility she’ll pay “big bucks” to buy it back.

Welcome Beck Adams Benson

Welcome Beck Adams Benson… born Oct 1, 2008.  7lbs. 4 oz. – 19″ long.  He’s my darling 15th grand baby born to my baby Katie and her husband Mark Benson.

He’s just an hour old here. Isn’t he a doll!  He as two older sisters, Ella and Claire….(I mean two other mom’s).  Ella is 6 and Claire is 4. We all wondered which of the two girls he would look like most… but…he’s as different from the two girls as they are from each other.  He has his own little look.

This little guy was suppose to be born in Sept… but for some reason, in my mind Oct 1 was the day… and so it was.  After Katie’s visit to the doctor, it was decided she should be induced.  She called and I made preparations to leave for the hospital when she entered and was settled.

Some how there was a missed communication and I waited for the call.  It didn’t come.  When I found out she was already in the hospital and in a lot of pain… I jumped in the car with my camera in hand and headed toward the hospital.  Just as I entered the freeway, Mark called and congratulated me…. I had a new grandson.

Of course, I was disappointed I missed the birth… but happy that all went well and everyone was healthy.

It came as a surprise to everyone he was born so fast… only 2 1/2 hours from the time she entered the hospital until he was born.  This time table runs in my side of the family.  Fast labor… fast birth.. two pushes…plop.

Welcome little Beck…you have a family who loves you dearly!

Blessings…blessings everywhere!

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  I think this about does us for awhile anyway… All my kids say, “We are done!”…. We’ll see.  15 grand children is fine with me… such abundance!

Make Chores For Kids Fun

Making chores for kids fun can be a challenge sometimes… especially when the kids would rather be playing. Somehow if you can combine the kids’ chores with a little fun… it make it easier on everyone.

The trees in my backyard needed trimming.  I hated to call in a commercial tree trimmer when most of the limbs were small that hung over my house.  My two grandsons, Wyatt and Braden were staying at my house for a couple of days…  when I mentioned that my trees needed trimming.   (Not usually on the list for chores for kids).

After they looked over the situation… they decided they would take on the job if I would let them climb up on the roof rather than stand on a ladder.  Hmmmm.  The question was, “Will they fall off of the roof?”  But… I decided they could handle it… they’re eleven and twelve.

They loved wandering around up on the roof… (you know guys).  Soon they got to work trimming the low limbs that were hanging over my house.  “Hey, while you’re up there… why don’t you clean out the rain gutters?” I shouted from the ground.  Of course.. a little more time on the roof for them.  Two birds with one stone for me!

Soon they were done and reluctantly came down.  They were having a good time up there.  I figured… since they were on a roll and I already had them engaged, I suggested they trim another tree…. which they willing did… this time on ladders.

Now what to do with all of the limbs on the ground?  A tree house of course.  They had a ball drawing up plans on a piece of paper.. lashing together the longest branches and loading the smaller branches on top.  A win…win day for all of us!  Sometimes kid’s chores can be a lot of fun.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  The tree house lasted for several days… until we got a wind storm that blew in.  The tree house toppled over and we cut up the branches and put them in the garbage.  Now that particular kid chore wasn’t as fun as being on the roof.

The Miracle of Birth – Welcome Rosemary Josephine

The miracle of birth was witness by me when my son, Brad and his wife Martha had their fourth child. I, along with Molly, the other grandma…were invited into the delivery room. Welcome to our family, Rosemary Josephine.

Almost two weeks over due…she arrived at 3:15 yesterday, Aug. 13…bright eyed and bushy tailed. Martha’s past deliveries have been a bit risky…and this baby came into the world easily and healthy. Martha did very well also. No complications. So, I’m especially grateful today. This makes 14 grands… 7 girls and 7 boys and I love it!

I always wonder what babies little minds must thinking, as they are whisk away from their familiar nine month environment to the warming table, where their wiped down, prodded and poked, weighed and measured (7lbs 14 oz….19 1/2″) I do know… what ever this little one may have thought, or experienced in her first few moments of life…she will be dearly loved and well taken care of by her loving immediate and extended family.

Here are the first minutes of Rosemary Josephine’s life. Enjoy these moments with me.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. I will be taking care of family matters tomorrow… I’m on board to watch over Norah, Lu and Abram. Family… What a wonderful institution.

P.P.S. The miracle of birth is an experience that has no words to describe it… You would need to have the tongue of an angel to even begin to try.