The Miracle of Birth – Welcome Rosemary Josephine

The miracle of birth was witness by me when my son, Brad and his wife Martha had their fourth child. I, along with Molly, the other grandma…were invited into the delivery room. Welcome to our family, Rosemary Josephine.

Almost two weeks over due…she arrived at 3:15 yesterday, Aug. 13…bright eyed and bushy tailed. Martha’s past deliveries have been a bit risky…and this baby came into the world easily and healthy. Martha did very well also. No complications. So, I’m especially grateful today. This makes 14 grands… 7 girls and 7 boys and I love it!

I always wonder what babies little minds must thinking, as they are whisk away from their familiar nine month environment to the warming table, where their wiped down, prodded and poked, weighed and measured (7lbs 14 oz….19 1/2″) I do know… what ever this little one may have thought, or experienced in her first few moments of life…she will be dearly loved and well taken care of by her loving immediate and extended family.

Here are the first minutes of Rosemary Josephine’s life. Enjoy these moments with me.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. I will be taking care of family matters tomorrow… I’m on board to watch over Norah, Lu and Abram. Family… What a wonderful institution.

P.P.S. The miracle of birth is an experience that has no words to describe it… You would need to have the tongue of an angel to even begin to try.

3 responses to “The Miracle of Birth – Welcome Rosemary Josephine”

  1. She is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Wow! She looks older than a newborn — two weeks worth, right? She is lovely! There is nothing on this earth any sweeter or dearer than a newborn baby! Congratulations on # 11 and Welcome to our world, Rosemary Josephine!!