Make Chores For Kids Fun

Making chores for kids fun can be a challenge sometimes… especially when the kids would rather be playing. Somehow if you can combine the kids’ chores with a little fun… it make it easier on everyone.

The trees in my backyard needed trimming.  I hated to call in a commercial tree trimmer when most of the limbs were small that hung over my house.  My two grandsons, Wyatt and Braden were staying at my house for a couple of days…  when I mentioned that my trees needed trimming.   (Not usually on the list for chores for kids).

After they looked over the situation… they decided they would take on the job if I would let them climb up on the roof rather than stand on a ladder.  Hmmmm.  The question was, “Will they fall off of the roof?”  But… I decided they could handle it… they’re eleven and twelve.

They loved wandering around up on the roof… (you know guys).  Soon they got to work trimming the low limbs that were hanging over my house.  “Hey, while you’re up there… why don’t you clean out the rain gutters?” I shouted from the ground.  Of course.. a little more time on the roof for them.  Two birds with one stone for me!

Soon they were done and reluctantly came down.  They were having a good time up there.  I figured… since they were on a roll and I already had them engaged, I suggested they trim another tree…. which they willing did… this time on ladders.

Now what to do with all of the limbs on the ground?  A tree house of course.  They had a ball drawing up plans on a piece of paper.. lashing together the longest branches and loading the smaller branches on top.  A win…win day for all of us!  Sometimes kid’s chores can be a lot of fun.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  The tree house lasted for several days… until we got a wind storm that blew in.  The tree house toppled over and we cut up the branches and put them in the garbage.  Now that particular kid chore wasn’t as fun as being on the roof.