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The best thing about women today is that we have so many options and opportunities. We can be educated, have careers, marry… or not. We can choose to stay-at-home with our kids, work while raising our families or forget the kid thing all together. (I personally live for my kids and grands.)

Many boomer women are leaders in the work force, stay involved with with the day to day activities of their grandchildren and still find time to be sweethearts to their husbands.

We are multi-task queens. We can talk on the phone, wipe a child’s tears, prepare a meal, make a shopping list… all at the same time without batting an eye. We can drive a car… talk on the phone, and put the last minute touch of lipstick on our lips while looking in the rear view mirror.

And… if needs be… we can paint the house, mow the lawn, and weed the garden… all while we talk on the phone. Now you tell me… just what man can do as much… at the same time anyway?

Here at Insightful Nana we want you to have access to the best information for making your life better and better everyday. Come back frequently for fun and helpful hints.

Wow! What a time to be a woman!!

If you want to contact me … feel free to do so.  http://welcomehomeservices@sisna.com  or  http://insightfulnana@gmail.com

ABOUT ME… Insightful Nana

I was born and raised at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. For a short time, I moved out of the area… but returned to raise my family. Guess I’ll be here until my toes turn up.

After teaching art at a Jr. High School for several years, I found myself embarking on several home business while raising my family. I pursued everything from designing hand painted magnets for the gift industry to writing over fifty Tole painting books for the craft industry.

Business has taken me all over the US… and traveling in beautiful China was one of the opportunities afforded me while working as an in-house designer for a craft company. While I loved my China experience… the temptation to kiss the ground upon arriving in San Fransisco was over-whelming. There’s no place like home… the good old US of A.

Designing scrapbook paper, stickers, wood products, porcelain pieces, metal and glass products has taken the better part of fifteen years.

My interest in human behavior and philosophy keeps me busy reading mountains of books and listening to many many CD’s. What I don’t understand is… why my passion for learning didn’t come in my early years while in school. Perhaps too much of my attention was place on …Hmmmm… you know!

Family comes first with me… just love being with my children and grandchildren. There’s
nothing more important. I acknowledge my four wonderful children and their mates…Brad and Martha Griffiths, Wade and Lisa Griffiths, Emily and Scott Neff and Katie and Mark Benson. They are all just wonderful people!!

Little did I know what 15 grandkids would do to my heart. Wish I could go back and see my children with the same eyes as I see my “Grands.” More patience… more compassion… more spoiling… less unrealistic expectations… Oh, the wisdom of age!
Some of my Favorites:

Reading: Book Of Mormon (The foundation of my faith in God), Gone With The Wind ( Love that Rhett), Cold Mountain (So well written), The Mitford Series (Father Tim inspires me and make me laugh), The Tale of Two Cities (The best example of unconditional love), Les Miserable (What can I say… just amazing), The Power Of One (Just bawled my eyes out). I could go on and on… I just love to read!

Movies: Grumpy Old Men (Just plain funny), You’ve Got Mail (Great Romantic Comedy). Shadowlands (Could Love Get Any Better?), Pride and Prejudice (Love that Mr. Darcy coming across that field), Elizabeth (Historical movies are just the best).

Spending Weakness: Jewelry (You ought to see my collection… sinful), Quilts (Can’t have too many quilts), Antiques (keep me away from a flee market), Buying for my children and grandkids (Oh my gosh! It brings me such joy!)

Gardening: Herb gardens (Love to walk by and smell the fragrance), Flower gardens (Spring is such a fun time), African violets (Booms all winter long… I like that!)

Cooking: Cooking for a crowd. (The more the merrier).

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