Free Christmas Printables

Free Christmas printables are just the ticket for keeping young hands busy during this holiday season.  These printable Christmas coloring pages are large enough for young children to enjoy.  You can print the Santa Head or the Snowman head in back and white… or you can print the full color version.

The kids can cut them out and hang them on the fridge…or in their room.  These printable are great for teachers to give to their students.  Because they are large, they are ideal for pre-school.

My grandson Landon, who is 4, loved coloring these Christmas Printables. He choose the snowman right off the bat and took the Santa home to share with his sister.

Look how proud!

Here you go:   Black and white Snowman head.   Full color snowman head.   Black and white Santa head.  Full color Santa head.

Hope your kids enjoy!

Till Later


Insightful Nana

P.S.  Grandmas… print off a bunch of these free Christmas Printables for your Grands when they come over to visit.  It will take some of the Christmas excitement “running around” down to a more tolerable level.  Maybe?

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Wonderful! Thank you! I just keep your crafts printed up for my grands every time they visit! Yes, coloring and/or cutting does slow things down a bit in the middle of so much excitement! These are great!

Thanks so much for these great printables!!! My granddaughters and I do Christmas crafts every year, and we are going to use these to do a fun banner for their bedroom door. Instead of using paper, we will use Heat and Bond and fabric! i am so excited!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! I love your stuff!

My grandkids are coming next week…these are perfect! Thanks
I also forwarded them to my friends so they can send them to
their grandkids.

I enjoy your blog, so when I created a new blog post earlier today, I added a link on my blog post to your Christmas printables page. My post is “Favorite Christmas webpages for grandparents” on Thanks.

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