Bulk Food Storage Secrets – Storing Food In Small Places

Even if you have limited space in your home, you can build a viable food storage that can get you through tough times.  With a little creative thinking and a little ingenuity you can find clever ways to store food for an emergency.

The first secret is, de-clutter your home.  Go though your entire home and decide what you really need.  Clear out non-essential items.  Be honest with yourself about whether it is of real value or if food storage would be more valuable in that space.

The second secret is, stand in each of your rooms and look for nooks and crannies that have the possibility of hiding food tubs or buckets.  For instance, narrow plastic clothing and bedding containers that fit under the bed are ideal for storing cans of food.  Bed risers can give you additional height if you need it.

Closets that have deep sides are ideal for stacking cases of bottled water out of sight.  A cloth hanging over a table can hide plastic 5 gallon buckets of powdered milk, pinto beans or wheat.  A plastic bucket measures only 13 inches across and you can easily stack them on top of each other in the corner of a laundry room.

The third secret is, purchase canned goods by the case.  Because the boxes are uniform, they stack well.  In a room with a eight foot ceiling, you can easily stack eight boxes without risking tipping them over.  Stack them in a coat closet, laundry room, storage room or any spare corner.

Bottom Line:  Even if you have limited space in your home, you can still store some survival food supplies in case of an emergency.  Even a little food storage is better than no storage at all.

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