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Independent Living Skills

If this photo does not express independent living skills, I don’t know what does. Living alone poses all kinds of challenges… one of them being, there’s is no “man” around to help do those… you know… those “manly chores”… like… check the oil, jump a dead battery, add car fluids, and pump up a flat tire.

I walked out yesterday to see a rear tire on my truck… flat… down to the rim. I know you’re not suppose to drive on the rim…and since I don’t have the convenience of AAA, I had to figure this one out for myself.  I have a very small compressor in the garage for pumping up bike tires and the like. Certainly, the air coming from it isn’t sufficient enough to pump up a truck tire.

But what’s a single gal to do?  So, I dragged out a long extension cord, hooked up this tiny compressor, grabbed a foot stool and sat down to pump up the tire.  No kidding, after a half an hour, the tire was barely full enough to drive on without endangering the rim.

My sister drove up in her car just about the time I finished and snapped this photo.  Not my usual well groomed, coiffured self… as you can see.

So what my point?  Sometimes we just do… what we have to do… with what we have….or as Sheila said, “With what we can afford.”  I’ve jumped many a dead battery, check a lot of oil, filled my car fluids, painted the exterior of my house, changed the guts of a running toilet, mowed lawns, shoveled snow, top soil and manure, and have taken on about every other household chore that’s considered a “man’s job.”

Actually, I’ve never felt myself put out by having to do such chores.  I think I can contribute it to the fact I was the one of six daughters, belonging to a father, who believed all chores were equal.  We learned to cook, sew, keep house as well as mow lawns, take out garbage cans to the street, and pour cement, etc.   I think those experiences helped all of us girls.  We’re all independent, hard working… and with the exception of one, we have our own businesses.

So, thanks Dad… for teaching us independent living skills… stripped of gender bias.  They come in mighty handy.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

P.S.  Now don’t get me wrong.. I do enjoy and appreciate a “man” helping me out.  My son, grandsons, sons-in-law, and brother in-law help me frequently.   It’s nice to get a break now and again from those heavy duty manly chores. Don’t want to take those “independent living skills” too seriously… ya know.

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I have to say I appreciate my man. I was away from home this week end and he called to say that he had cleaned the house. Now it is not the way I clean house, but I sure do appreciate “a lick and a promise”.
He also appreciates the fact that I can slop the hogs, feed the chickens and stoke the fire.

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