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  • Canning and Preserving For Long Term Storage

    Boy, the canning season is upon us… for those who like to preserve goods for the winter and long term storage.  I’ve been waiting for the tomatoes to appear in abundance so I can get my tomato canning completed.  The weather here in Utah has been so cool that everything is ripening two weeks late.  […]

  • Democracy Or Republic ?

    Amid all the political fervor in the last year, I’ve become very interested in the founding of our nation.  I’ve seen HBO’s John Adams at least six times.  To bad I wasn’t this interested in history when I was in school.  My American history teacher would have been please. None the less… this zeal has […]

  • Oh Say Can You See… – 4th Of July

    “Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light…..”  Miss Hyatt, my second grade teacher, had the greatest impact in teaching me about patriotism. She was a patriot from the word go.  She loved the flag, George Washington, The Constitution and all the patriotic songs.  So… we learned all the songs… from the Star […]

  • Where Is Miss Manners?

    Where is Miss Manners when you need her? Remember when dinning manners were taught in school as well as home? Remember when your mom use to say, “Where are your manners!” when you talked with your mouth full? Remember when it was frowned upon to lick your fingers at the dinner table? Well, this week […]

  • Happy Birthday Mr. President — George Washington Of Course

    Happy Birthday George Washington…  You are 282 years old today… Congratulations! In the past several years, I have become very interested in American history and the lives of our Founding Fathers.  (Now why couldn’t I have been this passionate about American history when I was in school?)   Anyway… I am amazed at the dedication and […]

  • Stand By Me World

    “Stand by me world!,” is the plea we’re hearing from the people of Haiti…. and the people of the world are responding.  Planes from the United States as well as China, France and Spain have responded to the call quickly and goods are at the airport, as we speak.  Many church organizations are also sending […]

  • The Word “Challenge” Is A Verb As Well As A Noun

    The word “Challenge” is a verb as well as a noun. The noun definition is: A call to take part in a contest,  competition or project, esp. a duel. “He accepted the challenge.” The verb definition is: Invite (someone) to do something that one thinks will be difficult or impossible, dare:  “She challenged everyone to […]

  • Take Life Seriously

    Take Life Seriously is my motto.   Seriousness comes from my roots.  I came from a serious family.  Not that we didn’t have our moments of frivolity, but it was on rare occasions… out in the mountains… or in a park. Perhaps, it was because we lived in such close surroundings.  For my parents, raising […]

  • New Years Traditions

    New Years Traditions die hard.  Can you imagine New York City breaking the news to the world that they have decided not to have the New Years count down and lower the Times Square Ball at the stroke of midnight? Long ago, I clung to the traditional vision of a romantic New Years Eve….  having […]

  • The Day After Christmas

    “What?  This is the day after Christmas?”  I live by our local Mall and drive by it every time I leave my house.  On Saturday,  I had reason to drag my tired self up from the computer, dress, and drive by the mall.  It was as busy as it was the night before Christmas. “No […]