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Has Common Sense Gone Out The Window?

Has common sense gone out the window?  “Common sense” values was pretty much the theme of Glenn Beck’s address at UVU on Saturday night.  I have to admit… I’m a Glenn Beck follower.  Sometimes, I have to turn him off when he gets ranting a bit because he just wears me out…. but for the most part… I enjoy his point of view.

He was here in Utah to receive the Pioneer In Leadership Award from BYU and UVU.  He addressed his audience, begging us to come back to a “common sense” point of view and make “common sense” choices. He encouraged us to stand up and fight for the “old values” that made this country great.

For instance, it doesn’t take a genius to know that if your spend more than you have… you will pay the piper down the road.  That’s true for the government, as well as individuals.  Bailing companies out by a method that creates debt is crazy and will have devastating consequences down the road.  Who’s benefiting from all of this bail out?  Not the common man… but he will end up paying the piper.

We can get so caught up in what is considered “politically correct,” that we buy into ideas that are just plain stupid.

Some schools are being encouraged to not correct papers with a red pen because, red is a strong color and might hurt the child’s feeling?  Blue is too passive… so purple is the right color because its made up of red and blue.  This information comes from a color specialist. And… just what is a color specialist?

While we were waiting in line to get in, my friend Patsy and I entered a into a discussion with a couple who have just moved here from Boston.  They told us of some real stupid things that are going on in the East. Now that Gay Marriage has been passed in Massachusetts, there is a push for schools not to use language that might create bias.  No more “Mr. and Mrs”… No more “Mother and Father”.  The term, “Parents or Parent” is the acceptable word now.  Books, such as “King and King”… are being brought into the classrooms and libraries.  No more of this “King and Queen” business.

I agree…. Where is common sense?

Beck is not encouraged about our immediate future… no matter who wins.  However, one candidate will create more devastating consequences than the other.  But, he feels… in the long run the American people will rise up again to their full potential when they embrace the same values our founding fathers did when they established this nation.

In the meantime… he suggested we gather our families tightly around us… stand up for sound principles and values… then hang on… because the journey is going to a very rough one for awhile.

All I can say about Glenn Beck is… he’s passionate about his mission.  I have to admire that… whether I agree with all that he says or not.  All of should be as passionate as he is and perhaps we could really change what’s going on in the world.

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Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  I am going to vote next week.  But, I have to admit… I have knots in my stomach.  I’m afraid we’re going to see “Common Sense” thrown out the window.  I just wish we had other choices… other than the two that are running.   How in the heck did we get here anyway!

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I am so glad that I found your web-site. It is so refreshing to find others that have the same thoughts……What wonderful articles! Common sense and “insightful”! Nan/MI

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