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Free Letter From Santa Claus

Now’s  your chance to get a free letter from Santa Clause mail to your kids or grands before Christmas. In fact, you can have it sent by e-mail… the modern way, you know. That is if you still believe in Santa.

To believe in Santa or not believe is a question that seems to pop up at this time of year. It’s certainly not a new debate…it has been going on for years. There is the camp that believe it’s an injustice to tell your child that there is a Santa and then later tell them there is not. It’s an honesty and trust issue.

There’s the camp that believe that there is no harm done to the child who believes in Santa. They say the issue falls in the arena of “let’s pretend” and children soon catch on with no ill effect.

I have to say…I’m in the later camp. I love the tradition of Santa. It’s a time of magic…and with so much”reality” going on…I say we all could use a little more magic. I personally have fond memories of the tradition, the anticipation…the wonder.    As a child… I would have loved a letter from Santa.

Unfortunately, my bubble was burst by a second grade teacher who told me I shouldn’t tell fibs after I reported to the class of not only seeing Santa at a local store, but Mrs. Claus as well. Even to day, I resent having my innocence snatched from me by a so called “do-gooder.

My children all remember our early  tradition of… ringing the bells. After calling the telephone hot line and finding that Santa was only 20 minutes from our house… the kids would scamper right to bed hoping to hear Santa or get a glimpse of him through the window as he landed in our neighborhood.

Sure enough… it wasn’t long before they could hear his bells and a jolly “Ho, Ho, Ho, coming from behind the house. Lots of squealing came from under the covers as their heads disappeared. (As they grew older, they told their dad he could skip the “Ho, Ho, Ho,” and just ring the bells.)

The tradition of the bells has passed on to the next generation. My daughter, Emily and her husband Scott, have added to the excitement by adding a Rudolph feature. They cover the end of a flashlight with red cellophane and shine it near the bedroom window as the bells are ringing.

There is one thing for sure… the kids don’t budge out of their beds… no asking for a extra drink, going to the bathroom or giving just one more good night kiss.

You see, Santa is not just for kids… Santa is for parents and grandparents too. I wouldn’t miss a minute of it.

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P.S. To Believe, or Not to Believe? Just  Who would want to miss the “Magic” of Santa? I say we never grow too old.  Oh… Remember your Free Santa letter.

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You know, the world is often a big, bad place these days. So much of the “magic” we had as children is gone. Today’s kids have to hear about so many awful things and worry about things we never dreamed of. I say, bring in whatever magic to their lives you can and Santa is the perfect opportunity to do this. We all survived finding out differently, and so will this generation of kids. In a world where there is no Mr. Green Jeans, Captain Kangaroo or Bozo the Clown, the kids need every bit of magic we can give them. Romper Domper Stomper Do — I say Santa Claus is true!

I believe in Santa, I find it impossible not to. Santa is in my grandkids eyes, and in the thrill they get when he walks through the door at the family Christmas party. He is in my childhood memories of anxiously awaiting Christmas morning. He is in the brown bag full of peanuts and a few pieces of colorful candy I got after sitting on his lap at the church party. Now he is in the fun I have finding special treats to fill the stockings. He is in the fun I have sneaking around putting the gifts from Santa under the tree. Yes, I believe.

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