Bah Humbug – Bah Humbug Club

“Bah Humbug!”  This morning my sister Sheila called and said, “I don’t have the swine flu but I have the “Bah Humbug” bug.” Hmmm… perhaps we should form a Bah Humbug Club…. cause I’m feeling the same way.


Perhaps it’s because the weather here is sunny.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have my Christmas shopping done, which I usually like to have competed by the end of October.  Possibly it’s because this year my budget is tight.  Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older and all the “foo foo” isn’t as important to me as before.  Oh…. Bah Humbug!

I’ve always been one who as advocated simplifying the holiday season but has never be able to follow my own council.  I do get a bit better every year.  This year I’m cutting back to brass tacks… no “foo foo.”  (except for the cute metal star hanging on my front door my sweet friend Stefanie brought by.)

Hmmm.  Maybe that’s the reason for the “Bah Humbug,”… no tensile, no tree, no lights.  I think what I’ll do is pack up my things and go visit my daughters who are masters at the “foo foo.”   Their homes are decorated to the hilt and is so inviting.  Hmmm… holiday spirit… ya think?

If you’re feeling the way I do this year perhaps we should form a Bah Humbug Club and get to the bottom of this miserable state.  In the mean time…Christmas shopping still needs to be completed, so off I go.

Till Later,

Insightful Humbug Nana

P.S. Perhaps… I need to get off my  humbug duff, look around and just be grateful for what I have… my family and friends.   Maybe the “Bah Humbug Club” could be one of service.  Hmmm…. brilliant idea?

P.P.S.  Visit Sheila’s blog, my comrade in Humbugging.

5 responses to “Bah Humbug – Bah Humbug Club”

  1. Love the idea of the Bah Humbug club. For a few really tough years, I actually hung a big black stocking on the door. It had white letters that spelled Bah Humbug and it was filled with switches. We used a little black stocking in the house, and the biggest grump of the day had to display the black stocking on their bedroom door! lol My friends thought it was terrible — but I simply could not “play the game” during those years, and the black stockings added some humor to the situation!
    My children are now adults and they both enjoy beautiful Christmases – but still laugh at the black stocking years.

    All of that to say, when we force ourselves to buy in to the holiday spirit, when we don’t feel it, it shows. So during those years, keep it simple, do what you can and move on. Christmas will roll around again next year.

    and PS – those blackstocking years were perhaps my most spiritual holidays too. and we had fun because we had to make our own fun —

    so some of us wil have to “reframe” Christmas to suit ourselves this year in a tight economy. that’s okay. Norman Rockwell does not live here. nor is he coming to visit! lol

  2. I have always been the ultimate Christmas Spirit person, spending literally thousands of dollars on perfect presents, decorations and glorious foods. Every year the tradition of baking goodies for two days straight to take to work…for every department and Christmas dinners where everyone who didn’t have a place to go could come. One year I actually had 300 hundred people circle through my modest home in a 24 hour period.
    Three years ago my daughter and grandsons moved far away and I was lost and alone…Christmas lost it’s meaning…not to mention a series of financial challenges…I stopped celebrating Christmas.
    This year I spent Thanksgiving alone…and I reflected on all the many things I have to be Thankful for…it turned out to be a wonderful day. On Friday, I waited for the crowds to clear and went out to buy a pre-lit tree at (dare I say Wal-Mart) for a mere $25 bucks…next stop, the 99cent store where $20 bucks bought decorations that would rival some of my best years. Picked up some Christmas cards for almost free with a coupon and dragged out some crafting supplies to make a few handmade gifts.And YES, a quick trip to the grocery store for baking supllies.
    I think this is going to be my best Christmas ever. The momentum is moving in forward motion and your e-mail comes at the perfect time.
    I love all your ideas and I will definitely be trying a few of your recipes.
    All this to say…remember you are unique and special in what you give to the world…and even though you might not always be aware of it, you and your site touch peoples lives in ways that you cannot imagine.
    Love Kat~

  3. You have no idea what some treasured holiday things brought out around you can do to lift your spirits! At my house we, like most of the rest of the country, are having the worst year of our lives together; we both are on unemployment; I do work part time; we lost our car a few months ago and we are seriously behind on our bills but I refused to let all of this misery prevent me from climbing up into the attic and pulling out the box of Christmas treasures and just putting them up everywhere that I could. Plus I have been busying myself by making crocheted things since October. Now at least when I look around I have all of the memories that go along with the Christmas stuff to keep me going and looking forward to a better year to come.