Handmade Quilts At Local Quilt Show

Wonderful handmade quilts were displayed at a local quilt show recently. The Utah Valley Quilt Guild sponsored a wonderful show featuring over 50 vendors who shared their quilting products and expertise. Quilt patterns varied from traditional patterns and seasonal subjects to unique designer patterns. Most of the vendors were designers… and their creativity was astounding clever. I love quilts.

Not only were the gals showing off their handy work… they they had quilt pattens, quilt kits, quilt fabric and fat quarters for sell. I love the idea that they have made it so easy for women to get into craft by doing all the thinking for you. The color and pattern selections in the kits and fat quarters were beautiful. No reason to get involved with color and fabric selection if that’s not a strong area for you.

The Cherry Tree Cottage from Spanish Fork, Utah was a large booth with lots of quilt fabric, patterns, and plenty of kits to help make your quilting experience easy and fun. So much to choose from. The subtle earth tones in the handmade quilts made me think of a warm country cabin. Their color selection is timeless. Machelle Preston, owner of The Cherry Tree Cottage said they had just moved to a new location so they can service you better. Their web site is You can also contact Machelle her e-mail address:

Amy McClellan, owner of American Quilting in Orem, Utah says you can purchase her quilt patterns, quilt kits, and fabrics from her web site She can also will be found on an up-coming site called Check to see if she’s up and running. Don’t see what you want? e-mail her at Her bright quits were to die for. I kept going back to look. Lots of contemporary patterns as well as quilts with traditional flare. I’m from Orem and I’ll be checking her out at her store… for sure.

Amid all of the finished quilts was an exciting booth manned by owner Laurel Christensen of Mayfield Utah. Her hand Dyed Fabrics were clever and unique. Each piece was completely different. All fabrics were saturated with color… I guess that’s why her business is called Fabric Candy. Laurel’s e-mail is…. or give her at call at 435 851-2115. To heck with quilts… I can just see a darling skirt made from her intense quilt fabrics.

The quilting machines were displayed by The Cotton Shops. If you’re interested in investing in one… contact them at

Rebecca’s store is called Morganson Custom Frames and Sewforth located in Payson, Utah… just south of Spanish Fork… which is south of Orem. Just look at the talent in the area. Rebecca’s products can be found at She and her husband had some of their framing placed among her gorgeous quilts. It’s always nice to have the support of your husband! The selection of colors in her quilts were right up my alley…a handmade quilt look for sure. If I could have snitched one for my bedroom…I would have. If your missing a quilt Rebecca… you’ll know where to start looking.

My friend and fellow designer Lori Holt had a fantastic booth. Her patterns definitely had her designer touch. Her patterns reminded me of her tole painting patterns that were so successful years ago. Tole Painting is an craft of the past. I met several of my old painting friends at this show that had turned their talents to quilting. Lori’s talent goes beyond just quilts… the piece work in frames were just darling. She can be contacted be e-mail at She would be happy to hear from you.

Yep… the video is not the best… I just bought a new Canon camera… and when I download to YouTube it looses the definition… as so many of the videos do on YouTube. I’m looking into passing this off to one of my kids and checking out a camera what will work better. Any suggestions? Go to these gals’s web sites and give them a look… you’ll be glad you did.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. When I went to the quilt show, I was expecting just a display of quilts… nobody around to see my lack of make-up and proper attire. Oh my gosh… was I fooled. So thanks gals for talking to me and letting me into your quilting life looking like something the cat dragged in. Your handmade quilts are the best!


Pioneer Day Celebration

The annual Pioneer Day celebration commemorating the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake valley was on held on the 24th of July. The first recognized pioneers entered the Salt Lake valley, under the direction of Brigham Young, on July 24, 1847. (Opps… on the video, I said it was 1843… “beg yer pardon.”) Today, the once dry barren valley, on the edge of a great lake of salt, is a booming, growing metropolis.

My friend, Marie, a native of the Spanish Fork, Ut., called and reminded me that there was fun to be had… on this day of remembrance. The Spanish Fork annual celebration is small but fun… and one that my old nerves can manage. So… three of my grandsons, Wyatt, Glade, and Randall and I ventured south of my home to the festivities.

The four of us wandered among the booths that were selling nic-nacks… bought a couple of things and checked out the great food vendors. The boys settled on Pizza.. (don’t as me why) and… I had a great pulled pork sandwich.

We walked down the street to a historic home that has transported old pioneer log cabins to the property and we found handmade quilts were on display among the pioneer historic relics.

The quilts were made by local ladies and were displayed on the clothes lines and on fences. What a beautiful site to behold. Just look at all the talent, and creativity in one location.

We all found our favorite quilts and the boys, tried their roping skills on mannequin cows.

After we watched a blacksmith at work… and purchased double scoops of homemade ice cream… we headed for home. What a fun day. I love to spend time with my grandkids… “They make my heart happy.”

I often wonder what the pioneers would think of the ease of our day. I’m grateful for their many efforts to make this valley a great place to live an raise a family. With that said, I’m thrilled to be living in this day and age with so many conveniences: air conditioning, central heating, computers, cell phones, air travel, my trusty old car, electricity, grocery stores, Baijo Grill… I could go on forever. I’m just grateful!

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. I was standing next to a young girl at a vendor booth who was whining… and I mean whining. You know… that high pitched nasal whine that drives you crazy. The vendor didn’t have any “mood rings” for sell. “Whaaaa!” “Only these stupid necklaces and purses.” Wanted to smack her!

When I meet the Pioneers on the other side of the “pearly gates”… I don’t think they want to hear me whine about petty things. I remember someone saying. “Most of the time, we really don’t have any problems… just inconveniences.” I need to remember that more often.