Victorian Tea Party Birthday

Norah celebrated her birthday by inviting 7 little girls to a Victorian Tea Party…. and what a celebration it was.  I found it amusing that little girls so young could play their part so well.  They were charming little ladies…. exhibiting perfect tea party etiquette the entire time.

Martha, Norah’s mom made sure this party would be one the girls wold remember for a long time.  I’ll say… it sure made a lasting impression on me.


Large tissues paper balls framed  a crystal chandelier.


A beautiful floral arrangement graced the center of the table.


The table was set with linen and a colleague  of Victorian plates.  Milk glass cups and saucer adorned every place setting.  The tea party favors were  colorful headbands and were placed in the center of each plate.

What to serve at a tea party?  Well here ya go… couldn’t get any fancier than this.


Grilled ham and turkey sandwiches were stack on pedestal milk glass trays.  Notice … no crusts.


Homemade Oreo Cookies, stacked high, were the real thing… made from an original recipe.


Look at these red velvet cupcakes…. adorned with fresh raspberries.  I don’t think I’ve every seen a white raspberry.


Tea party etiquette at it’s best.


The girls loved playing musical chairs… and played it more than once.


Of course… opening presents is one of the highlights of every party.


At the end of the tea party… they entertain themselves and us… in Norah’s dad music room.  Brad set up three mics and the girls danced and sang and had a good old time.


Happy Birthday sweet Norah.

Till Later

Insightful Nan

P.S.  Do you think mom’s and grandma’s are too old to have a Victorian Tea Party?

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