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Kitchen Pantry Organization

Seven months ago, my Kitchen Pantry was organized by professional organizer, Laura Lawrence, from “Harmony Within”, using the STACKS method.   Now it is the time to report whether this kitchen pantry organizational method has been effective over a period of time.  I’m happy to announce….I’m well pleased.

In June, I attended a class on organization that was taught by Laura.  During the class, she ask for a volunteer that would allow her and other class members to view a cluttered, unorganized pantry… and use her method to get it into shape.  My hand went up immediately… “No vanity here…. I was desperate!”  They came and confronted the hodgepodge in my pantry.  It was a miracle transformation.

Now, after seven months, I took these photos of my kitchen pantry.  I promised I did not rearrange anything before the photos were taken.  I am actually surprised how well I have done in keeping my kitchen pantry up to the “Harmony Within” standard.  No doubt… a few things have been put back into the wrong place and it looks like it needs a bit of straightening… but nothing disastrous.

So…. even though my kitchen pantry is not perfect… it’s darn sight better than it would have been had I not had it organized well in the first place…especially after the frantic holiday cooking.

It only took me about 15 min. to put a few misplaced items back into their proper place… and feel in control again.

Watch the video… and learn what Laura did.  I’m really impressed with her methods of organizing a kitchen pantry.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  This organizational method can be used in any room of your house.

After Christmas Storage Tip

After Christmas organization and storage is made easy with all of the storage containers for decorations that the stores carry.  I love the plastic boxes that are long enough to store long gift wrap rolls and the like.  Those see-though storage containers sure beat card board boxes and they make organization easy.

Over 30 years ago, I was given a crystal candy dish… which is not stored with the Christmas decorations that end up under the stairs.  It’s placed on the top shelf in my hutch, where it will be protected until the next Christmas.  Since it’s used only once a year…it collects dust and it has to be washed before use.  At least that’s how it use to be… until I learned this little storage tip.

I now place the dish and all other small collectibles in a plastic bags before I put them away.

When the holiday season rolls around again, off goes the bag and the dish is clean and ready for use.

Keep this little storage tip in mind when you put those infrequently used items away in the “black hole” of  those hard to reach corner cupboards or the cupboard over the fridge.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

P.S.  This organizational tip can be used all year round. Place any silver plated items in plastic bags.  It retards the tarnishing process.

How To Organize Your Pantry

Organizing your kitchen pantry can be a challenge.  What do I keep? Where do I put things? What storage containers do I use?   My pantry was a mess!  My friend, Laura Lawrence, a professional organizer came to my rescue and helped me organize my food pantry using a method called STACKS.  The word means, Sort, Toss, Assign a home, Contain, Keep it up, Simplify.

I have a problem tossing anything away… (a pack rat problem.)  I’m one of those, "just in case I need it," kind of gals. You know…"Just in case I need it 15 years down the road…  that is… if I can find it under all this stuff."  Growing up, I must have picked up the 1930’s Great Depression attitude from my Mom and Grandma.   

I video taped this pantry make-over, hoping you can learn a few tips that will help you organize your kitchen pantry.  This video is so informative… you’ll want to tell a friend.



This kitchen pantry party has inspired me to organize the rest of my kitchen… my studio, and my office.  Now just finding the time… Oh my! 

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths
Insighful Nana

P.S.  I was not aware there was an organized group of professional organizers… but there is.  Laura can be contacted through her web site  She can help you or tell you how to find a professional organizer in your neck of the woods. 

P.S.S.  Now… do I dare venture down to the basement… other wise known as the "Black Hole Of Calcutta" or "Pack Rat Heaven?"

Help!  I’m behind this huge pile of Christmas Decorations… food storage… art supplies… scrapbooks, quilts… and….