After Christmas Storage Tip

After Christmas organization and storage is made easy with all of the storage containers for decorations that the stores carry.  I love the plastic boxes that are long enough to store long gift wrap rolls and the like.  Those see-though storage containers sure beat card board boxes and they make organization easy.

Over 30 years ago, I was given a crystal candy dish… which is not stored with the Christmas decorations that end up under the stairs.  It’s placed on the top shelf in my hutch, where it will be protected until the next Christmas.  Since it’s used only once a year…it collects dust and it has to be washed before use.  At least that’s how it use to be… until I learned this little storage tip.

I now place the dish and all other small collectibles in a plastic bags before I put them away.

When the holiday season rolls around again, off goes the bag and the dish is clean and ready for use.

Keep this little storage tip in mind when you put those infrequently used items away in the “black hole” of  those hard to reach corner cupboards or the cupboard over the fridge.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

P.S.  This organizational tip can be used all year round. Place any silver plated items in plastic bags.  It retards the tarnishing process.