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Choosing Paint Color – Paint Color Decorating

Choosing paint color is a major decision in your interior decorating because you generally live with the results for a long time, so you’ll want to choose your paint color wisely.

Have you ever painted a room and the paint color on the walls didn’t appear to be the same as the chip you picked up from the paint store? However, when you put the chip next to the new paint job…sure enough you found that it was the same color.  What happened!  It’s called “Color Illusion.”  Paint color changes, according to the light.

paintcan10 paint color decorating tips to avoid disappointment

1. Be aware that all paint will appear a bit darker on your walls than it does on the chip or in the paint can.

2. If you are in someone’s home, and you love the paint color scheme, ask them what paint color they’ve used.  However, it may not appear the same in your home. It will depend upon room size, and the amount of light coming into the area.

3. If you are looking wall paint colors in a store, go to the window and look at the chips under natural as well as the store’s artificial light. Once you find the paint color you love, ask the dealer if they have a “Paint Sample Program.” Several paint companies mix a quart sample so you can take it home and try it out on your walls before you invest in several gallons.

4. Apply the paint directly to the walls you are going to cover with the new paint color. Paint a large area (3’x3′) in the darkest corner and in the lightest corner. Paint a large area on the darkest wall as well as the lightest wall. Don’t forget the ceiling.

5. Watch how the paint color scheme changes as you move from one area of the room to another. Also, observe the value of the color. Does it appear too dark or too light? You might be surprised to see how the color seems to change. One area may look completely different than another region of the room. Do you like what you see?

Observe the color through out the day as well as at night when you have artificial lights on. You will also notice the color will change depending on a sunny day or a cloudy day. Do you like what you see?

Your ceiling paint will always appear much darker if you are going to paint it the same color as your walls. To get the ceiling to appear the same as the wall color, lighten the ceiling paint at least half so it will appear the same as the wall color. Colors values caused by shadows can fool you.

6. If you don’t want to apply the interior paint directly to your walls and ceilings, spread your paint color on very large pieces of cardboard box so you can place them around the room.

7. Keep in mind that interior paint color applied to the walls of an empty room will appear different than in a room that has carpet on the floor and is filled with furniture. Remember, your paint will take a back seat when you add carpet and furnishings. So, don’t become too overwhelmed by paint color in an empty room.

8. Be aware, because all color will appear to change from one area to another, you will not be able to control every nook and cranny.  Just consider whether you like the over all look and feel…then go for it.

9. Even if it takes you a couple of days, take your time to make a decision. You’re probably going to live with your paint decor for a long time. You want it to be right the first time.

10. You can ask for your friends’ advice, but the final choice must be yours. Make yourself happy first…after all, you and your family are the ones who are going to be surrounded with the paint color every day.

Til later,

Insightful Nana

P.S.  Hope these 10 paint decorating tips for choosing a paint color for your home will be helpful on your next interior paint adventure.  I used the tips when picking paint for my home and I’ve been very happy with the results.

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Decorating Ideas For Christmas –

These decorating ideas for Christmas come from my daughter, Emily, and my daughter-in-law Lisa. They always go the extra mile to make sure everything is just right. There homes are always so inviting and warm.

Emily has a real talent for arranging. She starts her Christmas decorating about the middle of November because it takes her so long to get everything up. She has a nice blend of elegant and country. Real eclectic.


Don’t you just love the red table?  It’s a garage sale find, Katie, my daughter found.  Notice the country runner on the table.  It’s a great spot for her elegant arrangement.  On the bottom shelf there are keep sakes from her childhood.  There is a music box we gave her when she was about three years old.   Don’t be afraid to blend country with elegant in your Christmas decorating.


The elegant Christmas decoration is placed over her back door.  Notice the country grape vine and pine cones mixed  with the elegant snowflakes, ornaments and tensile.   What a striking piece to add to her Christmas decor.

Lisa is more of a country Christmas gal mix with a bit of elegance.  Her country Christmas decorating is “down home.”  I always feel so comfortable when I’m in her home.


Lisa is an excellent seamstress and she made this delightful country snowman a few years ago.   It sits next to the fireplace.  Hope he doesn’t melt.  I am fortunate enough to own one.  Her country snowman stocking hanger is backed by a bit of elegance.  What a simple idea.  Just place shiny Christmas balls in an elegant glass container.  What a great blend.


If you have a collection of special Christmas Ornaments you can show then off like Lisa has done.  She used her country coat rack to show off this special assortment of Christmas bears.   She’s hung her Christmas bears in front of country hearts.

As long as you decorate to please yourself and your family, it really doesn’t matter whether you put up country Christmas decorations or Elegant Christmas decorations.  Again, blend the two styles if your want to.  You can see by these decorating ideas for Christmas that it works.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.   I’d love to hear from you if your have any decorating ideas for Christmas you would like to share.

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Decorating For Christmas Nell Hill’s Way

Decorating for Christmas took on a whole new meaning for me and my two girls… after I took a business trip to the Midwest.   I came home excited to share what I had discovered.  Christmas decorating could be easy, simple, yet elegant.   Emily and Katie, my two girls and I, went immediately shopping… to revitalize our Christmas decorations.

The pictures in this post are from Emily’s home…inspired by my trip and the book, “Nell Hills, Decorating for Christmas.” by Mary Carol Garrity.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Northeast Arkansas was the final business destination for me and my two friends, Marie and Jill.  But, we took a little detour to Kansas City Mo. to see a few historic sites we were all interested in.

Before we left, Lisa, a good friend and a fantastic home decorator, told us of a store that… with out a doubt… we should not miss seeing.  She said, perhaps it was the best merchandised store she had ever seen.   With that recommendation …it was a store we weren’t going to miss.

“Nell Hills” is a store owned and operated by Mary Carol Garrity about 50 miles west of Kansas City, Mo…in a little town on the bend of the Missouri River called Atchison, Kansas.

Now I want to tell you… this place is out in the “boonies”….no freeway running by this place!  When we crossed the river from Missouri into Atchison, we all looked at each other like… “You’ve got to be kidding.”  “What could be in his little town… out here in “no-where”?

Wow! Were we pleasantly surprised!  It was a Monday morning… the third week in October…and you should have seen the line standing at the door waiting to get in.  “Where did all these people come from?”

When the doors opened, we were greeted by a smiling face… Mary herself… inviting us to look around, feel comfortable, and if we needed help, please ask.  I was so amazed at what was before my eyes… it took me a minute to realize I was actually in a store.  It was a Christmas decoration fairy land, a decorator’s dream, a home furnishings mecca.

Shopping baskets were placed in our hands and away we went.. moving from room to room… filling them to the brim with Christmas decorations, gifts and home decor items.  When our baskets were full, a sweet little lady offered to take them to the check-out area…as she placed new baskets in our hands.

At the check-out area, our baskets lined the wall like the Union Pacific.  “Did we buy all that?”  We started to load our rental car and realized there was no room for our bodies.  So…back into Nell Hills to have it shipped home…which they were more than willing to do.

While there, we purchase Mary’s book “Nell Hills Decorating for Christmas”…which she graciously signed.  What a read… or  should I say…what a look.

If you ever get out to the Kansas City area… don’t miss going on a little drive in the country to Nell Hill’s home decor emporium in Atchinson, Kansas.  You’re in for a treat!

Thanks Em… for letting me take photos.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  This little out of the way place attracts 75,000 visitors a year. Most of Nell Hill’s Kansas customers come from 50 to 100 miles away.  That says a lot for service and fantastic merchandise.  Christmas decorating could not be more easy and elegant Nell Hill’s way.

P.P.S.  Here are Nell Hills books… Each one is a jewel.