KSL Radio Features Utah Geeks

This week, KSL reporter, Paul Nelson, interviewed Geek, Thom Allen about the monthly Geek Dinner, which welcomes all Utah Tech. Geeks.

“We’re famous,” I yelled into the phone, nearly deafening my sister, Sheila. I have KSL News for my landing page when I turn on my internet. On Wednesday, I clicked on the internet and noticed the headline, Self-proclaimed Geeks Organize Dinner Group. Hmmm… sounds like us…. and it was.

Here is the Article.

Here is the Radio Interview.

This is a tech. savey group that’s into everything from WordPress, IPhone, Web design, Blogging and Free Lancing.  If you’re a Digital Bedouin, you’re invited.  Once a month… the Geeks get together and break bread, chat, network, eat, chat, and network. It’s a informal gathering that Sheila and I look forward to every month.

Now mind you… We don’t claim to wear the true “Geek” hat… not smart enough… but it’s fun rubbing shoulders with bright young minds. Every time we attend, we learn something new. Everyone is so sharing.

First we break bread.

We chat and share. Thom Allen’s on the left… and our friend, and life saver, Jake Spurlock is on right.

We visit and share. In the middle there is Laura Moncur. She’s the organizer and keeps us all informed of the next meeting’s where-about. If you know someone who’s tech… savey… or not… and would like to join us, contact Laura at:   laura@moncur.biz

We had about 26 folks at the dinner last night. Loads of fun and helpful information.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana
(1/2 Geek?)

P.S. I think a Utah Geek hat or shirt should be in the making… don’t you? At least a Geek button!