White Trash Cooking: Yellow Squash and Zucchini Recipe

The phrase: White Trash Cooking is used lightly here… because my Grandma and Momma were far from being “white trash.” My Momma was more of a “Southern Belle.” My kin are from Georgia. I use to think I was raised on “soul food” but after I found a cook book in Arkansas called White Trash Cooking White Trash Cooking (Jargon)and I knew I had mislabeled Momma’s cookin’. Poor folks flavored their cookin’ with salt pork or bacon. It helped to make simple, plain, inexpensive vittles more palatable.

I was raised on this white trash recipe: yellow squash and zucchini. Momma, always used a bit of bacon in her veggies. I know…I know… not the best when your trying to watch those calories and fat intake. What can I say? All I know is… you won’t be leaving the bacon out once you’ve try cooking your yellow squash or zucchini using this tasty recipe…”white trash” or no.

This is all ya need. Simply, huh!

First… cut yourself off a bit of bacon. (abt 1/8 to 1/4 lb.) I keep mine in the freezer… so I get it out and cut off a few chunks. Now how much you use… depends on how many squash you’re going to cook. This pot (4 qt.) will hold about 14 to 16 squash that are about 8″ long. (Feeding my family..ya know.) I like them young and tender.

Fry your bacon so it’s nice and crisp. Watch it carefully now… I burned my kitchen down by leaving bacon cooking on the stove while I left my stove to check on an outside matter. (a story for another time)

Slice up your squash. I like to combine yellow squash with zucchini because it looks so colorful when you serve it… besides it tastes great.

Now don’t panic here. Do not remove the dripping from the bacon. If you get a bit nervous… you can drain off a little of the drippings.. but it won’t taste as good. Drop in all the squash and toss until the drippings coat the squash a bit. Important: Do not add any water or liquid! Add salt to taste.

With the heat on med. low…keep tossing the squash and bacon. You can put on the lid for a bit
but toss often so yellow squash will cook evenly. The cooking process only takes about 10 minutes or so. Don’t over cook so your squash will not become mushy.

Now take a bite. See how good it is? When my family comes over for dinner… you can bet your “white trash” bottom boots… the pan will be left empty.


Till Later
Kathy Griffiths

P.S. I will be sharing more “white trash” recipes with ya’ll. Just how trashy is your cookin’?

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