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Back To Basics – Basic Survival Skills – Water

Water is the next “basic” you will need for your “Closet survival preparation.”

Behind electricity and heat, water is the next thing that is likely to “go down” after a natural disaster.

One can survive for several weeks without food, but only a few days without  water.  An adult needs about two litters a day and a child at least one quart.  If you have a baby… extra water will be needed for formula.  If you have to cut back on anything in your storage, it should be something other than water.

To be safe, you should store at least a two-week supply of water for each member of the family.  If you’re unable to store this quantity, store as much as you can.  It may take some time for culinary water sources to be up and running again.  Remember, your water heater is a good source for drinking water.

Water for our “Closet Preparation” comes in the form of bottled water.  This water choice works well because it doesn’t need to be treated and  it can be stack on top of each other… clear to the ceiling.

Once the culinary water is restored… it’s best to run the water through a filter.  For our purposes, store a small filter that will handle from 200 gallons to 400 gallons of water.

These filters can be found at emergency storage retail stores or on line.  A small filter won’t produce the water as quickly as a large filter… but it’s sufficient and is easily stored in the closet.  Since they’re so small, storing two filters should not be a problem.  Of course, if you have room for a larger water filter, by all means, added it to your storage.

How much should you store above and beyond a 2 week supply?  You will need water to drink and the food in your bucket will need to be reconstituted.  That should help you determine the amount of water you store.  Keep in mind, clean water will most likely be restored at some time… so don’t worry about having enough to cover the entire 2-3  months.

Water for for bathing, cleaning, and washing of clothes, should come from other water sources.  Water in the toilet tank can be used for these purposes.  It should not be used for drinking.  If you have room for a 35 to 55 gallon water drum in your garage or carport, it’s a good alternative water source.  Now is the time to check on  alternative water sources; don’t wait until the emergency happens to go looking for extra water.

Now that you’ve  purchased your food bucket.  Now, go get your bottled water and water filter.

We’re off to a good start in preparing a closet for emergency preparation.

Till Later

Insightful Nana

P.S. The bottled water will take up the most space in your closet… but don’t skip on this necessary item.