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Valentine Open House – You’re Invited

You’re invited to a Valentine open house. ¬† My good friend, Debbie, is hosting a Valentine Blog Open House¬† with lots of Valentine decorating ideas, gifts and recipes.

I love going to Debbie’s blog…Besides being bright and classy… something wonderful is always going on. She is one of the most creative ladies you’ll ever get to know.

And if you have anything to share for the Valentine open house… she invites you to participate.

I’ve known Deb for a long time… and one of her strengths is her ability to spot fabulous finds at thrift stores and garage sales. I swear… she can pick up some old thing and turn it into a diamond.

You ought to see what she’d doing with vintage jewelry. She’s writing an e-book that will tell us about all the fun things you can do with old vintage jewelry. Hurry Deb.

So head on over to Cottage In The Country and participate in a fun Valentine Blog Open House…. You’re invited.

Till Later

Insightful Nana

P.S. I’ve just signed up for her free valentine goody bag. Go do the same… at Cottage In The Country.