As I See It

Is It Fall Yet?

Is it fall yet?  You wouldn’t think so if you saw the beautiful flowers that are still blooming on my front porch.  If it weren’t for a little crispness in the air… you would think it’s mid summer.

I love begonias.  In August, as soon as the weather began to cool down, they came on strong.  I always get a little melancholy as fall approaches and the leaves on the trees begin to turn yellow.  I know, my begonias will soon droop and the flowers will turn brown with the first frost.

Is it fall yet?  Of course…. my beautiful River Birch tells me its so, by it’s golden attire.  This birch is amazing.  It’s a blaze of color one day and the next day…. boom… the leaves are down.   This tree tells me it’s fall… time to rake, clean up and get ready for… oh no… snow.   It seems like I just shoveled snow a couple of days ago.

I think I’m a little confused.  My front porch says it’s summer… my back yard says it’s fall.

I vote for summer!

Till later,

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S. The weather man just announced a cold front coming through. I guess I have been out voted.
P.P.S. I’m a die hard. I’m taking in my hanging baskets tonight. I’m sure we have a few warm days left. Don’t we?