As I See It

Glenn Beck Book Signing

Did I meet Glenn Beck? Yep… I did. I went to my first book signing… ever… and I met him. I hadn’t meant to do it…but somehow I just ended up there after attending the 4th of July Balloon Fest, the Freedom Festival Parade and lunch at my daughter-in-law’s folks home. I guess I was feeling pretty patriotic.

My home is close to the University Mall, where Glenn Beck was signing his books at Deseret Book. As I drove by…I thought… “I wonder if there’s a crowd lined up to have books signed?” Sure enough there was a line… a very long line… spilling out the door of the store and down the sidewalk for several blocks.

I rolled down my window and ask someone in the crowd if the line was slow… or moving fast. “Moving very fast.” someone said. Just so happened that a car pulled out of a parking space right in front of me. And, of course, I read it as a “sign” to get out and join the crowd. Couldn’t miss a chance of getting a good parking spot.

I soon found myself in line with all the other folks… waiting to see this guy and get his “John Henry” in a book. I enjoy this guy’s radio show… but sometimes he scares the living daylights out of me… and some of the time I don’t entirely agree with this politics. But, since I don’t like to miss out on things… there I was.

As fast at the line was moving… he was gracious with everyone… even with those who insisted on having their photos taken with him, although that was against the “rules” that were written on a paper handed to us as we entered the door. I’m not always a “rule” keeper… but I respected this one.

Judging by the fact there were 3 police officers standing very close to Glenn… along with his personal body guard, tells me Beck has a few enemies. See the big guy with the tan shirt on… Yep… he’s the one. His eyes roved the crowd continuously. When Beck took a break… his body guard latched on to the back of Glenn’s shirt. “Don’t mess with us,” was the clear message.

It really is too bad that a point of view… even radical point of view… can’t be expressed without stirring up so much hate and vengeance that you would have to secure a body guard to protect you. After all… it’s just an expressed point of view! I happened to respect the fact that “Freedom of Speech” still reigns in this country.

A Liberal, I’m definitely not… nor am I a far right Conservative. Is there such thing as a Conservative Moderate Conservative? If there is… that’s me.

Now that I have my book… my signed book that is… I guess I’ll take the time to read it. Hmmm… looks pretty good.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. Glenn Beck is almost young enough to be my son… I don’t like that. Can I protest?

P.S.S. Did you notice his “John Henry”… No wonder the line moved so fast.