Begonias – The Queens Of My Garden

Begonias are the queens of the garden at my house.  I love the intensity of their rich viberent colors… pink, red, orange and yellow.  There are different varieties of begoinas.  Upright and Nonstop are the most commonly known.  There is a  little less known type called Illumniation.  The Illumniation begoinia seeds are imported from England.  It is a “hanging” variety and by that I mean… the flowers and foliage droop over the edges of the planter or hanging basket.


Every year, my favorite nursery has plenty Illumniation Begonias to choose from but because of a fertilization mishap, all of thier begonias died.  No problem… I’ll just get them from another nursery.   No way!   Every nursery I called did not have them.  In fact, most nurseries were not familiar with the variety.  I quickly printed off a few photos I had taken of my baskets last year and ran to to a new nursery… who promised to plant them next year.  (You see, I want to protect myself from disappointment.)


After many phone calls, I finally found a nursery  50 miles away that were having a few Illumniation begonias coming in on a truck.  Boy… was I on the road in a hurry.  Would you believe, only 15 Illumination plants were among 100 begonia plants.   Such luck!


So… when you’re begonia shopping, ask your nursery about Illumniation Begonias  If you’re fortunate enough to locate any… grab them up and give ’em a try.  I assure you… you’ll not be disappointed.

Off to plant my hanging baskets.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  Remember, begonias don’t care for the sun… they are strictly a shade plant and they love rich soil.  They’re great for porches that face the north or the east.

P.P.S  Make sure and view the video on the home page of the blog for “must know” gardening tips.


Hanging Baskets For Mother’s Day

Hanging baskets are will be available in the nurseries soon. Actually, it’s not too early to begin thinking about Mother’s Day gifts. Hanging planters make an ideal gift because they give Mom and Grandma joy all summer long.

Picking out hanging baskets for Mother’s Day gifts for Mom and Grandma will be a snap if your follow a couple of simple rules.

1. Select the flower planter according to where it’s going to be hung. Will the flower basket have full sun most of the day… or will a shady porch or patio be its home? If the planter will get only the morning sun or a very few hours of sun… shade flowers are the best. If the planter is going to get afternoon sun… or hot sun… make sure you select flowers than can stand the heat.

Many nurseries will have the full sun planters separated from the shade planters. If they don’t have them separated… ask “customer help”  direct you to the appropriate kind you need.


If you find the hanging basket is full of Impatients,or Begonias.. you’re looking at a shade planter.


If Petunias, Daisies, and Geraniums are the order of the day… then it’s a full sun planter.

2. Choose hanging baskets or floor planters where the flowers are not over grown. Small under developed plants with just a few blooms are better than fully developed plants…full of blooms. If the hanging basket is too over grown… when the foliage is pinched back to encourage spreading, it will look straggly and will not fill in well.

Happy Mother’s Day shopping for hanging baskets.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S. The hanging baskets in the photos have been planted very full and nice. They are just perfect right now. In a couple of weeks however, they may be a bit over grown. Pinch the bloomed flowers back so it will fill out and bloom again.

P.P.S.  Don’t forget to get your self a hanging basket.  You’ll enjoy it all summer long.  Just remember to get the right kind for the right location.