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Special Needs – Emergency Preparedness

The “Special Needs” your family will need in case of an unexpected crisis is our next emergency preparedness category. Since every family is different, “Special Needs” will vary from person to person within a household. Perhaps you have a baby, a pet or an elderly person living in your home. “Special Needs” are the individual essentials for the people living in your home.


The following are just a few items that may be considered special needs. This list is just to get your wheels spinning.

1. Baby formula, diapers, wipes, medications, bottles, baby food.

2. Feminine products, Advil, medication, extra contacts, contact solution, shaving supplies (male and female.), extra eye glasses, vitamins.

3.  Needs for folks who are may be impaired.  Dust masks and inhalers for an asthma sufferer.  A cane or walker for an elderly person.

4. Pet food, food dish, portable kennel, muzzle, a leash, medications

If you need prescription medications, such as insulin for a diabetic, consult with your doctor on the best way to increase and store an extra supply.


Collecting all of the individual needs for your family members can be a bit over-whelming.  So, I’m giving you a “Special Needs” form for you to fill out.  You can get it HERE free.

Post it some place convenient, so as you think of things, you can write them down.  Under their name, other family members can add to the list as they think of the important items they will need.

Make your list over several weeks, then pick up a few things every time you’re out doing a bit of shopping. Of course, you can make one full sweep at Wal-mart and get the deed done. If you do…. consider taking the kids along… they would have a good time picking out the things on their list.

Now I realize…. the shiny lip gloss your daughter thinks is important… may not meet your criteria for being a “Special Need.” However, boosting one’s spirit during a crisis is important. Although, you may have to limit such items, don’t eliminate them completely.

I’m adding important things to my list daily…. Snickers… Peanuts… Almond Joy … you know.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.In case of an emergency… do you think hair dye could be considered a “Special Need”?