Are Schools Killing Creativity In Kids?

According to Ph. D. Sir Ken Robinson, schools are not allowing our children to be creative.  In fact, according to Professor Robinson, the present school system…world wide… stifles or kills creativity.


In is new book, The Element:  How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything,  he explores the need for more creativity in our in our school systems in order to prepare our children to meet the challenges they face in the next 20 years.    According to Robinson… present education is not preparing our children for their future.  Times have changed… and education has not kept up with present needs… let alone future demands.

For a long time, I have keenly felt the importance of parents and educators helping children discover and fulfill their dreams.   I devoted an entire chapter of my book,  5 Power Tips Moms Us For Raising Fantastic Kids,  to the subject.  I share ways you can discover, very early, what your child’s dreams and passions are.

Professor Robinson spoke at a Ted conference that was promoting creativity.  This information is so important, his 20 minute talk is included here.  You must take a few minutes to view his presentation.  You will clearly see why present education policies, and sometimes parents,  are killing creativity in our kids.

By the time you finish looking at this video, you will be convinced how important it is for us to revamp our present education systems  to allow for more creative expression so our kids can discover and follow their own dreams and passion.  Their future and ours depends upon it.

Absolutely true!

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P.S.  In the second grade, I had one defining moment when, I knew I was going to be an artist.  In my book, I share that moment with you.

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