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Cough Medicine Alternative – Back To Basics

The FDA issued a cough medicine warning to all parents of small children. It states that, over-the-counter cold medications should definitely not be used for children under the age of two. It’s not a wise move to give your older children the medication either. Doctors say, “Find an alternative.”

Vicks Vaporubfoot The cold and flu season is at hand and what’s a mom to do when her child is coughing it’s head off at 2 o’ clock in the morning. Here’s a little tip that my daughter Katie offered, as we sat around our dinner table.

Take children’s Vicks VapoRub and rub it into the the soles of your child’s feet. Cover his feet with socks and in no time at all, your child will stop coughing.

Now, I thought it sounded a little “airy fairy”…. but if it works…it works. She swears by the method… not only for her children, but for herself. “No kidding… it works… It’s like magic,” she says. (Katie uses the full strength adult rub for herself.)

Why not give it a try the next time your child has a cough. Anything is better than putting your child at risk by giving him over-the-counter medications that the FDA and doctors have warned us about.

Till Later

Insightful Nana

P.S. If it works for you… let us know!