Homemade Christmas Crafts – Magnets

These homemade Christmas craft magnets make an ideal gift for a teacher, friend, neighbor or grandma.   I love Christmas craft projects that are so easy, the kids can become involved.  Well this is one of those easy Christmas crafts.

These are the supplies you will need.  1.  Canning Jar lids.  You can purchase new ones… but I used some old lids I had hanging around in my kitchen drawers and in the basement.  2.  Spray paint… black or white.  3.  Matt acrylic spray to seal you designs.  4.  Magnets. You can purchase them at a craft store.  5. Tacky glue.  I like this better than a glue gun.6.  Avery ink jet sticker paper… or photo paper.  7.  Designs.  I’m offer you free designs… or you can use wrapping paper, old Christmas cards… or your own artwork.

Lay out lids on newspaper and spray with your paint.  I used black.  Spray a light covering… and let them dry.  Keep spraying them lightly and then let them dry.  When the lids are completely coated, allow them to dry.

Put the painted lids on a tray…I used a cookie sheet.  Allow them to dry for a few hours.  There is a difference between dry time and cure time.  Dry is … dry to the touch.  Cure is… the paint is room temp. and does not feel cold.

Use my designs…  or… cut your own out of wrapping paper, old Christmas cards or your own art work.

Seal your designs with a matte acrylic spray so it will protect the paper surface.

Cut the design circles out.  If you cut your circles out of your own paper… cut 2″ circles for the small lids and 2 5/8″ circles for the large lids.

If you have printed your designs on Avery Sticker paper, remove the backing.  If you have printed your designs on photo paper, apply glue to the back of the design.

Place the design in the middle of the lid.

Turn the lid over.  Apply glue to the magnet.  I like tacky glue over glue from a gun.  Apply the magnet to the back of the lid.

Place the magnets on your fridge and wait for the glue to dry.

I’m offering you four choices of magnet designs.

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If you need more insight on how to do the craft project… check out the video.

Gather your kids about and have a good time making these Christmas magnets for your family and friends.


Till Later

Insightful Nana

P.S.  Add these homemade Christmas gifts to your other packages… a nice personal addition.
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