Container Herb Garden Update

Today, when I watered my container herb garden, I thought… you folks needed a little up date on this little bit of fragrant heaven. One of the herbs bit the dust… it was the red basil… which was a disappointment. I meant to run right out and pick up a new plant but was way-laid by other things. So… in the little bare spot… I placed a sweet red ceramic bird my daughter Emily, gave me for mother’s day. Looks good huh!

Notice that everything is flourishing just fine. The basil is spreading because I keep pinching out the top leaves so it will bush out before it gets too tall. I’m just getting ready to pinch out the new growth again… we need a little more width before it grows in height.

Container gardening is fun because it’s so easy to control all of the plants. If one dies… replace it. If one gets too big… prune it back.

I’m looking forward to tomato season so I can dive into the basil… Mmmmmm Good!

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. Hope your herb garden is doing well. You don’t have one? It’s not too late… if you want to plant one. Grab a container and follow the directions on my previous post…Planting A Container Herb Garden.