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  • Tomato Pollination – How To Pollinate Your Tomatoes

    Tomato Pollination is usually left up to the bees.  Since each yellow tomato blossom has both  male and female parts, the tomato is considered a “self-fertilizing” plant.   All the bee has to to is flutter it’s wings around the blossoms, which causes the blossoms to vibrate, and waaa laaa… tomatoes are born.  Almost!  There are […]

  • Enjoying The Summer Harvest Of Goodness

    Yes, I’m enjoying the summer harvest of fruits and veggies. I truck down to my favorite produce store… Farmer Grant’s Vineyard Garden… and load up on veggies a couple of times a week. Tomatoes and cucumbers are my favorites. They’re like Mexican Food…. I could eat it every day. Today, on my way down to […]

  • Harvest Time For Tomatoes

    Harvest time for Tomatoes is generally from the third week in July until the frost takes them in the fall. So… the minute the tomatoes are ready to pick I’m right there with my salt shaker. Tomatoes piled high in bushel baskets would sit on our back porch waiting for my mom to put up […]

  • Container Gardening: Growing Tomatoes

    Growing tomatoes in a container is a great way to have fresh tomatoes even if you live in a condo, an apartment, or just like having them on your patio for show. Frankly… I just love tomatoes no matter how or where there grown. Mmmmm! A red, ripe, juicy tomato… picked right off the vine […]