Turkey Coloring Pages for Turkey Day

The turkey coloring pages are ready for your kids and grands to enjoy.  Again… kids love to decorate for the holidays and the young ones love to color.  The first coloring page is in black and white so the kids can use crayons or markers to decorate  their turkey picture.  For those who want to just cut it out and hang it up… a colored turkey is provided for them.


Colored Turkey Coloring Page

Black & White Turkey Coloring Page

I remember being so excited for Thanksgiving dinner.  I would fast all morning long preparing for the big meal.  I wanted the turkey drumstick all to myself.  However, when it came to actually eating the whole thing… it was a different matter.   I was so filled up on mom’s fantastic southern cornbread stuffing and other Thanksgiving delights,  there was little room for all the meat on the drumstick.  Mom didn’t fix mashed potatoes very often, so it was another special dish that adorned our Thanksgiving table.

It’s my turn to host Thanksgiving dinner this year.   The kids go to the “other laws” every other year.  Our Thanksgiving menu is pretty traditional with the exception of Banana Cream pie… which was Scott’s favorite.  We’re sure going to miss him this year.

While we’re putting the last minute touches on the meal, I’ll keep the grands busy and from under foot by bring out the crayons and markers.  The kids can color their Turkey coloring pages… even if it is Turkey Day.  Better late that never.



Insightful Nana

P.S.  If anyone has a special Thanksgiving recipe that is a tradition in  your family…I would love to know about it.   I’m always looking for something new and scrumptious.

P.P.S.  If you have a mind too… grab the crayons or markers and join the kids in decorating the Turkey Coloring Pages.


A Thanksgiving Prayer For Your Dinner Guests

This Thanksgiving prayer card was inspired by a poem by Grace Noll Crowell  (1877 – 1967).  She published over thirty-five books of poetry, stories for children, and poem and prose devotions.  One of her most famous poems is  named, “Because I have Been Given Much.”  In 1975, Phillip Landgrave (1935 – )  composed the music and it has been included in the hymnals of many denominations.   In our church meetings, we sing it frequently.


I thought it might be a thoughtful addition to your Thanksgiving,  so I placed the prayer on a card among a leaf design so you could download it and make copies for your guests.   Simply run the Free Thanksgiving Prayer on photo paper.  Place the prayer on or next to your guest’s  dinner plate.  At the end of the day, your guest can take it home to display on their  fridge or elsewhere as a little reminder.

If you need “Place Cards” for your Thanksgiving table… click here to view 3 printable designs .  You can download them from the post.   They will also make a lovely addition to your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving is certainly a time for reflection and gratitude of blessing received this past year.  I want to express my gratitude to my readers by giving you this Thanksgiving Prayer to enjoy and use.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  In addition to the Thanksgiving Prayer, there is a Fall bookmark for you to use in a special book.  (I had extra room at the side of the card design… just a little extra bonus.)

As I See It

Attitude Of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude fills my heart has we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.  Amid all of the economic bluster… of which I, like many others, have been affected… there is much to be grateful for.  My family, kids and grands, make my heart sing with happiness and gratitude.  They are such good people and live exemplary lives… for which I’m proud.   My extended family, with their love and support for me, is an additional blessing.

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by good neighbors, who care. We share common values that have contributed to the well-being our own lives and that of our families.   This caring extends out into the community… where this small segment of society filled our local food bank to over flowing this last week.  When the call was made… these good people stepped up to the plate.  I’m sure many of you live in such families and neighborhoods.

I grieve and pray for those in the world who are less fortunate than we are, here in the United States.  We are truly a blessed people… even if life is in a up-side down state at this time.  I cannot image living in fear and real lack all of the time… as so many of our brothers and sisters do, throughout the world.

After the new year… we’ll have a new president.  I pray that we will unite as a country, do our best as individuals, neighbors and citizens of small communities,to keep this country free, safe, and productive.  I believe, as individuals, we can do it….just as we have during tough times before.  We will get through this.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day.  God Bless.

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  I’ve neglected this blog due to some pressing family matters… but I’m back.  Watch for fun Christmas printables in the near future.


Thanksgiving Placecards

Thanksgiving placecards are a nice addition to your Thanksgiving table.  I find the kids love to include this little extra decor to the place setting because they get to choose who they sit by.

Thanksgiving, like Christmas, is generally filled with fun family traditions.  Our family customs bind us together and makes the holiday we are celebrating extra special.

One Thanksgiving tradition in our family is, the “setting of the table” the night before the big day.  A few of my grand kids come to spend the night and help with the preparations.  They clean up the folding tables and bring up extra chairs from the basement.  They put the linen on the tables and bring out the good china, silver and goblets.

Thanksgiving is my 12 year old grandson Wyatt’s favorite holiday.  He especially loves the whole turkey leg he puts on his plate.  And, he wouldn’t miss the “night before tradition” for all the tea in China.  He makes sure the younger kids “get it right” when it comes to the placing of the silver and napkins.

This year, they’re excited to add the palace cards.  Hope everyone will enjoy who they will be sitting by.

Here are three colorful placecard options you can choose from.  This is just a little way to include you in our “setting of the table” Thanksgiving tradition.  Print them on card stock or photo paper.  I like to print on a nice matte photo paper.

Let the kids print in the names and place them on the table… unless you know that Aunt Tilly would rather not sit next to Cousin Jon, who slurps his soup.  You might have to give a bit of guidance here and there.

Turkeys in a Row

Harvest Blessings

Fall Leaf and Berries.

Hope you enjoy!  Have a fun with your Thanksgiving Day preparations.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  The Thanksgiving placecards are designed so you can use them for note cards.  If you take a gift to your hostess, add this little card to your package or gift bag.  Write in their name or “Happy Thanksgiving” in the space to be used for the name on the placecard.


Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Here are a couple of free Thanksgiving coloring pages for your kids to enjoy.  Children love to participate in the Thanksgiving decorating… so here are a couple of projects they can be entertained by.

The pilgrim couple,  “Bless Thee” and “Thank Thee” is the first project. They are door hangers the kids can color and hang on the front door or on their own bedroom doors… to welcome in the Thanksgiving season.

A full colored option is available too. Print them on card stock or photo paper.   All the kids have to do is cut them out… thread a little ribbon in the top and hang them on the door to greet visitors.

The second project is “Old Tom Turkey”  The younger kids can color him and tape him to their wall or post him on the fridge.  Again…. a full colored option is available for those who just want to hang him up and get a little Thanksgiving spirit.

Here are your free printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages.  Download the links and print them on your printer.

Door Hangers:

Bless Thee and Thank Thee Full Color

Bless Thee and Thank Thee Black and White

Old Tom Turkey:

Old Tom Turkey Full Color

Old Tom Turkey Black and White

Hope your kids will enjoy.

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  Watch for your own Thanksgiving treat…it’s coming in a couple of days.