Aging With Grace

Squidoo Queen – Baby Boomer Joan Adams

Squidoo Queen is a perfect name for baby boomer Joan Adams… She maintains she’s going to have 100 Squidoo Lenses up before the end of the year… and at the rate she’s going…she’ll make it.

I first met Joan by seeing her photo on Pat O’Bryan’s Internet Marketing forum chat site. I liked the way she looked… kind, and fun. (Besides, she and I are in the same baby boomer category and, that has to count for something.) Her comments on the forum were thoughtful. So, I watched her from a far for awhile until I contacted her by e-mail. Soon we were visiting by phone.

This photo is of Joan and her boomer sisters… They’re know as the “Tate Girls” and originally come from Pendleton, South Carolina. From left to right is: Nancy, Joan and Betty. You can almost hear their southern accent.

Both Joan and I, being newbies to the Internet Marketing world, had lots to discuss and sort out… mainly getting our “mature” brains working out all the tech stuff. What a challenge. She, and her sister Betty, wrote an e-book called, Banish The Blahs And Be Happy and offer a free work book called, Ten By Ten Workbook. Joan put up a blog and a web site … but seems to have settled in to writing Squidoo Lenses. A boomer woman on the go.

At the present time, Joan has 53 lenses and her interests range from the Legally Blind Golfer… to Tailgating Recipes (of which I am proud to be a contributor) to music of the 50’s. Oh, the memories I had when I listen to the Platters … “Only You”. Go see. You need to check out all of Joan’s Squidoo lenses. Such a treat!

Her sister, Nancy, has also created Squidoo Lenses… and a favorite of mine is, Greeting Cards For Fun.

The point of all this being… we’re never to old to change gears and do something interesting and challenging. In fact, because Joan is a Boomer, she has lots of entertaining experiences to draw from… she’ll never run out of ideas.

Just who says young folks have all the fun!

Thanks, Joan Betty, and Nancy, for being great examples to the rest of us baby boomers.

Till later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. Joan has been encouraging me to put up a Squidoo lens… perhaps a recipe or two. Hmmmm… just might do that. It really looks fun!