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  • Recipe For Chocolate Brownies – Cooking For A Crowd

    This recipe for chocolate brownies has been in our family for over 40 years.  Usually brownie recipes are quite small… but this recipe is a “Cooking For A Crowd” deal. These chocolate brownies are perfect to take to a gathering.  But don’t expect to take any left-overs home… because they will vanish off the plate […]

  • Scratch Recipes For Salad Dressings

    A scratch recipe for salad dressings is getting down to cooking basics.  With so much rich food that grace our holiday tables… it’s nice to offer a good healthy “Green Salad”…  to even things out.  I promise, your guests and family will appreciate the extra effort you go to, if you use these scratch recipes […]

  • White Trash Cooking: Yellow Squash and Zucchini Recipe

    The phrase: White Trash Cooking is used lightly here… because my Grandma and Momma were far from being “white trash.” My Momma was more of a “Southern Belle.” My kin are from Georgia. I use to think I was raised on “soul food” but after I found a cook book in Arkansas called White Trash […]

  • White Trash Cooking: Green Beans & New Red Potatoes Recipe

    Snap Beans, String Beans or just plain old Green beans… they’re all the same when it come to White Trash Cooking. My grandma called them Snap Beans. I guess ’cause the green beans make a little snap when you take off the ends or break the green bean in half. I don’t know why I […]