Only Good Friday

Our Own Virus Pandemic – “Only The Good” Friday

Let’s start our own Virus Pandemic!

Opps… I guess we should define a few words.   Pandemic:  “A disease that moves world wide, and is not contain in one region or country.”   Virus:  “A piece of code or an agent  that is capable of copying itself.”   Viral: “The rapid spreading of a disease or information.”   For example, the past two weeks, these words have been on the lips of many folks…  as the fear of “Swine Flu” spread quickly from one country to another.  I am amazed at how rapidly fear can spread with the aid of T.V. Newspapers and the Internet.  From Twitter to the Blogs… people were talking about the “Swine Flu.”


Just a week before… another  type virus spread through out the world.  The name of Susan Boyle spread like wild fire through the blogs of the World.  Her  Britains God Talent 2009 Auditon went viral immediately. She was not expected to win anything. But, she fooled the word.  Just one YouTube video had over 20 million views in less than a week.  Support, cheers, and happiness were prevalent on the web for a couple of weeks.  How refreshing!  Now, these are the kind of viruses I’m happy to pass on. Click on photo below.

“Only The Good” Friday, gives met the opportunity to pass on a “good, happy and positive virus.  At he present time, it’s only an epidemic because it hasn’t spread world wide… but it’s my hope and the hope of Shelly, the OtGF host…. that it will.  If you want to join us… just let her know.

On this “Good Friday”… I want to share two videos with you.  The first one is Susan Boyle singing “Killing Me Softly.”  This was recorded 10 years ago as a demo.   Wow! what a voice… what a woman.  I think one of the reasons the Susan Boyle virus spread so fast… besides having a great voice…was the fact that she’s  just “One of Us.”  And…I want her to stay that way.  Click on photo below.

This next short video is a “Good Friday”  surprise.  If this type of virus could spread to become a pandemic,  the world would be a better place… Not only on Friday… but every day of the week. I just loved this.

Enjoy… and may your Friday be filled with  “Only The Good.?

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  My sis, Sheila… is spreading the “Only The Good” Friday virus too. She’s hoping for a viral pandemic also.

As I See It

Swine Flu Pandemic Of Fear

There is a Swine Flu Pandemic alright….a  pandemic of fear.  Give the press a little fodder… and away they go.   Look at where all the attention has gone in the last few days.  I find it interesting… fear has been the focus across the board for about the last two years…. .and I’m getting a little weary of it.  For some reason… it’s not a motivator for me… in fact it’s quite immobilizing.  Perhaps that’s the point.


It is known, that when a people are in fear,  they are easily controlled by greater and larger powers such governments.  Impoverish the people, introduce fear and scarcity and you have them under control.  History has proven this to be the case time and time again.   Look at Hitler and Mussolini.   We, the people,  have been moving in this direction for a long time.   I’m just curious as to what the government has up it’s sleeve after this little panic.

Am I saying we shouldn’t be aware?  No, I’m not,  but being aware is one thing and buying into the panic and promoting the panic another.

I suggest we look at the broad picture and prepare for any emergency that may fall our way.  It never hurts to have extra food, clothing and  savings on hand in preparation for any type of urgent situation.  Whether you loose a job,  have an accident, or have to be confined to your home for a few weeks because of illness…  the greater question is… are you prepared?   During a panic…common sense seems to fly out the window and we look for others to save us.  So, long term preparation is the safety net.

I also suggest…during this momentary pandemic of fear, we use a little preventive common sense.

1.  Wash your hands frequently and keep your surrounding clean.  We should be doing that anyway.

2.  Eat nutritious foods and exercise.   Keep your immune system healthy.

3.  Stay to your normal routine and avoid the panic mentality.

4.  Stay true to a wise long term course of board emergency preparation.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  Look at the hype of the 70’s.  Hmmmm.   Are we going to be forced to take flu shots…. Hmmm  pushing through social health care?

Be Prepared

Back To Basics – Basic Survival Skills – Food

Knowing basic survival skills is really getting back to basics.  Sound emergency preparation can relieve your mind and eliminate the fear that comes from not being prepared in case of an individual or a collective hardship.

After attending a meeting, on surviving a Pandemic, I decided to include helpful information on this site that will help you be better prepared, no matter what hardship you may encounter.

This program is called “Survival In A Closet” The line up will be something you can store in your apartment or condo. Not everyone lives in individual homes where space may be readily available. If you have a closet, you can designate for survival preparation, then you’re in great shape to follow the program.

This is a step up from a 72 hour kit.

In the next several months… we’ll move on a fast track to get you set up for a two to three month emergency supply for you and your family. You can follow the program, or just include some of survival tips in the  preparations you’ve already made.

Now, remember… this won’t be a luxury program… just a simple basic “survival” plan.  Down to the bare bones.  Once you get your plan in place… you can add all the little extras you want.

The first thing that comes to mind for many folks is food. However, In my booklet, “4 Family Survival Needs that Are More Important Than Food,” I explore why food is not the most important consideration.

The logical place to start would be the first consideration mentioned in the booklet…  but if I know most of you… food is still your primary thought.  What will we eat?

So with that in mind, we’re going to start with food because this will be the easiest step in the program. Then we will consider the other four as we go along.  Remember… this is a fast track program.

The food bucket can be found at Costco for about $69.00.  It contains 200 adult meals… which will cover 3 meals a day for 66 days.  The food packets must be reconstituted with water.  Last summer, I purchased one of these buckets after sampling some of the meals.  They were actually very good.  I have tasted some reconstituted food that was so bad, I knew if I had to count on it, I wouldn’t make it.

These food buckets can be found at “Emergency Preparedness Stores,” but they are a little more expensive.

You will need to determine how many buckets your family will need.  It might be a good idea to purchase one bucket and cook up a food packet before you invest in several containers.

Since these buckets stack very well, you can stack them in the corner of your closet to the ceiling.

So… the first in our “Closet Preparation” series is… food.  Get moving and pick up your buckets at Costco now.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

P.S. There is not a basic survival guide in the world that works… unless you work it. Go for it.

As I See It

Surviving The Recession – A Balancing Act

Surviving the recession, and other scary events play a game in my head. I seem to move from “fear” to “hope” on a regular basis.

Part of the fear comes from the fact, I’m not as prepared for “hard times” as I would like to be. Even though I have a 72 hour kit, and have added to my emergency preparedness food storage on a regular basis, there are gaps and holes that need to be filled.

When I’m in the “hope” mode, my mind really does a dance. I neglect picking up a few extra things at the store to put into my food storage… “hoping” I’ll have more time. Besides, haven’t I thrown out one heck of a lot of old food and nothing serious has happened yet? No hurry! On top of that, “What you focus on is what you get,” so why focus on the negative?

So, my mind plays a game with itself. If I’m focused on “fear,”… all I see are problems. If I focus on “hope,” my mind has a tendency to go in to denial… or “woo woo” land.   Where is the balance so I don’t go crazy?

Sunday evening, I attended a meeting about being prepared for a “Pandemic.” I found the meeting to be well worth attending and the speaker didn’t try to scare the heck out of the audience, but gave good, helpful information.

One thing the speaker said, helped to balance my thoughts a bit. He said, “Hard times come in different forms at different times to all of us. Some hard times hit us individually and some hard times hit us collectively. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” The question is, “How well will you recover?”


For some reason… it hit home. I’ve decided it’s wise to be prepared. I will do the best I can to get prepared and then move on with my life. I have things to do, places to go, and folks to meet with out the fear and worry of the future.

With this new insight,  the “Back To Basics” portion of this site will focus on emergency preparation and survival tips. I want all of us to recover well from what ever emergency, recession, or hard times we face in the future… whether it’s an individual or a collective hardship.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject… so give us a comment or two.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

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