Housekeeping Tip For Your Bathroom Sink

A housekeeping nightmare can present itself around your bathroom sink, floor, shower or tub.  Have you noticed how static electricity keeps you from picking up a fallen dry hair… and snagging a single wet hair is next to impossible?

For some reason, this is a subject no one wants to discuss… Talking about the hair on our heads doesn’t seem to be a problem… as illustrated by the lovely blond tresses in the photo.

But,  just mention the unsightly hair that falls around the sink, on the bathroom floor or, the strays that adhere themselves to the side of the tub… and it’s off limits for open discussion.

Maybe the uncomfortableness is attached to, “hair in your food” or “loose hair on your shoulder” or just admitting our humanness.  But, face the fact… cleaning a bathroom and confronting “The Hair Problem” haunts all good housekeepers.

Now… I have thick dark hair… and so does my daughter, Katie.  For some reason we shed hair like a Labrador Retriever.  Don’t fret… it seems to grow back over night but loose hair in our bathrooms is a continual problem.

I use to frequently travel for business with a co-worker and we often shared a room at a hotel.  Jumping into the shower and washing my hair became a bathroom housekeeping nightmare.  Wanting to be a compatible roommate, I would spend at least fifteen minutes in the bathroom tiding up my fallen mane before my friend could enter… and she’s thinking… “What in heck is taking so long?”

Well, several year ago, my sister, Sheila, came to my rescue.  She had a cleaning business and serviced homes in the Park City ski area. The tip she shared with me is so simple that you’re going to be surprised!  Toilet Paper… That’s right… simple Toilet Paper does the trick!  Grab a few sheets of paper and wipe the tub, around the sink and the floor. The loose hair attaches to the paper like a magnet. Wow… it really works!I don’t know why it works… it just does.  (Probably creates a static electricity field… who knows!)

Now if you have any better ideas… just let me know.  I’m always open to discuss uncomfortable subjects. (My daughter’s don’t agree… but I just think they’re the one’s who are uncomfortable.)

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  Now you can alway use those Pledge “Grab It” dusting cloths. But, toilet paper is handy and cheaper.  And, I know you won’t want to carry dusting cloths in your make-up bag when you travel.  Might raise a few eyebrows!