As I See It

We’re In For A Change

We’re in for a change and I don’t mean on the political scene.  I’m talking about making a change right here at Insightful Nana.

For sometime, I’ve wanted to share some information with you and didn’t quite know in which category it belonged.  I’ve finally decided that the information is so important that it needs a category of it’s own. The new category is going to be: “Back To Basics.”  Because I’ve witnessed so many economic changes in our world lately, I have the feeling I should get “Back To Basics.”

As a child, I was raised in a home where my Mom was very frugal.  We lived very simply… without a lot of frills.  My mom made all of our clothes… and that was quite a feat since she had 6 girls.  She was a “Scratch Cook” and prepared wonderful meals and taught her 6 daughters to do the same.

I have certainly enjoyed more financial abundance in my life than my mom did when she was raising her family.  It’s been a fun ride… but I see where my money could be more wisely spent at the present time.  So, for me to cut back a bit and tweak some basic skills, is like going home again.

In “Back to Basics, we’ll be exploring all kinds of subjects… Simple, down to earth ideas and tips that will help you through tough times.  That is… if your having to tighten up a bit.  Themes such as emergency preparedness, homemade cleaning solutions, simply homemade medical remedies etc. will be featured.

Freedom comes when you have lots of choices.  I want to give you a lot of choices… so if you have to tighten your belt a bit… you’ll have some back up.  If you don’t have to tighten up… great… these tips still might come in handy.

The “Mom” category is being moved under the “Family” category.  So… it’s kind of like she’s going home too.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new ” Back To Basics” category.  I will be posting there in the next couple of days…  So hold on.  I’ll be inviting you to contribute your ideas too.  Together…we can be prepared and weather any storm.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  In no way am I buying into the “Great Depression” or “Great Recession.”  But, it’s like looking at the planet and saying, “We can do a better job keeping our planet safe… so we can do a few “green things” and help make a difference.”   So, in that light, we can make a difference in our own homes and communities by learning and practicing “Back To Basic” skills.  In helping and supporting each other, we can be prepared for anything.