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  • Hanging Baskets For Mother’s Day

    Hanging baskets are will be available in the nurseries soon. Actually, it’s not too early to begin thinking about Mother’s Day gifts. Hanging planters make an ideal gift because they give Mom and Grandma joy all summer long. Picking out hanging baskets for Mother’s Day gifts for Mom and Grandma will be a snap if […]

  • Respite At Grandma’s House

    The word “respite” means:  breathing space, relaxation, informal, recess, time out, rest. There is probably no greater “respite” for kids than spending the night at grandma’s house.  (In my case… “Nana’s” house.)   On occasion, I have a grandchild call and say,  “Nana, can I spend the night at your house?” “I need a break.”  […]