Talented McKenzie

My granddaughter, McKenzie, is one talented 14 year old. She, like her mom Emily, is bursting with musical talent…one of those gifted people who pick up an instrument and play everything by ear… no notes.

When McKenzie’s folks spent a great deal of money for her guitar… I thought it was a bit premature… spending that sum on someone who was so young. What if she didn’t take to it…. what if she was too young to appreciate its value….what if…. My worries were unfounded. Kenzie took to the instrument as if she had been born with it. She composes wonderful songs that she sings with her amazing voice.

Thanks Kenzie… I’m proud of you. “You Make My Heart Happy.”

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. Kenize is my first grandchild. We’re great buds!

As I See It

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Sweet Ella, my granddaughter, who is six years old, attended church with me last Sunday. She attended her Sunday School class and presented me with this drawing when we returned home. “Out of the mouths of babes.” Take a look… I needn’t say more!

Till later,
Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana


Grandparents – Birth Of A New Baby

To grandparents, news of the birth of a new baby in the family never seems to loose it’s luster and excitement… as was the case of the news of a new granddaughter to Gene and Janet Latta.

I was attending a cooking demonstration being given by Chef Gene Latta when the long awaited call came to announce the arrive of their new grandchild. A little girl… 8lbs. 3oz. – 20.25 inches long… and her name is Navy Marie.

I grabbed my camera and click off a few shots. I think the expression on Janet’s face tells the whole
story… don’t you?

I have two new grandkids coming soon…August and September…. a little granddaugher and a grandson. I never tire of the excitement of getting the news… “We’re in labor.” Off to the hospital I go, to witness the miracle of a new baby. Both my daughter, Katie and my daughter-in-law, Martha are gracious enough include me in the birth.

Of course, I’m the one behind the camera… getting those “private” shots. (I’m going to be more discrete this time…. maybe… I get a little excited.)

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. I think this is about it for me… my kids say “We’re Done!” I’m okay with that…15 grandkids is great!
P.P.S. Congats to Gene and Janet. And.. of course to the new parents too!

Fun Foto Friday: One Funny Girl!!!


Wata Babe! Couldn’t resist this fun foto of my granddaughter, Claire. She is the funniest little girl… independent…self determined…stubborn…delightful…loving…old beyond her years! She keeps the family in “stitches” with her funny comments and come-backs.

She was taking private swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago… when her mom, Katie, snapped this picture. (By the way… Claire’s mom is a pro. photographer.) (I do know how to take pictures… and will post my own work… but I just couldn’t resist this shot.)

Just check out those goggles… and that swimming cap. What a hoot! I haven’t seen a swimming cap like that since the “dark ages.” (Those darn things never did keep your hair dry… the water would just sneak up the back of the cap behind your ears.) Maybe that wasn’t the purpose… perhaps the cap was to make you look “sexy”… or not.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your Fun Fotos every Friday.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. Check our the Fun Foto Friday guidelines if you have any questions.

P.P.S. Have your friends join us… Love to see their photos too.