Potting Shed Secrets

Secrets in a Potting Shed? You bet. Just check out the “magic” I found in my sister, Sheila’s potting shed. You can just imagine my surprise when I walked into her garden shed and found a bird nest mecca.

These potting shed creations have been collected by Sheila for some time now. Her husband Dew, was involved with yard maintenance for several years…. always on the look out for another bird nest for the potting shed collection. Sheila is continually looking for a new find… checking out tree limbs and bushes.

Bird nests of all sizes have been carefully placed on shelves… the smallest being a humming bird’s nest. All together, they make a breathtaking site when you open the door. What a collection!


Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. I would have never thought of having a collection of bird’s nests… let alone display them in a potting shed. This idea certainly lends itself to Sheila and Dew’s country home and pastoral surroundings in rural Wallsburg, Utah.