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Easter Almond M & M’s Taste The Best

Did you know that Easter Almond M&M’s taste the best?  Yep.. they do.  Pink, light blue, light green and light yellow M&M’s taste better than the regular colors.   At least… that’s my opinion.   At one time, I worked, as a designer, for a craft company.  Marie Cole, a fellow artist kept a bowl of candy on her desk for those who dropped by to visit.  To say the least, she was the most popular designer.  It could also be the fact that she was the friendliest.   Folks would stroll past her design table frequently… just to chat?   And of course… I was no exception.  Everyone’s  favorite fair was Almond M&M’s.  They disappeared the quickest.


At Easter time , I strolled past her desk frequently to snitch a pink (my favorite) M&M.  I must have been pretty obvious… because she finally left a bag of Easter Almond M&M’s on my design table… and continued that favor for a number of years.

Yes, indeed…. Easter Almond M&M’s taste the best.  It’s must be the spring colors they use…. it’s like a breath of fresh air after a long winter of Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Brown.

I was in the store today and discovered Almond Kisses wrapped in spring colored foils.   “They surely must taste better than the regular gold covered kisses,” I said to myself.   ” After all, the colors blend well with the Easter M&M’s.”  So, into the cart they went… along with the M&M’s, three bags of plastic eggs, and a new spring blouse.

When I got to the check stand… I discovered that someone had stolen two of my bags of plastic eggs out of my cart.  They were the two bags of special colors I had dug down deep into the deep  pile to acquire. They were the only two bags left of those unique colors.   Can you believe it?  Oh well… at least they didn’t  snag my Easter Almond M&M’s and my bag of Easter Almond Kisses.

I’m getting ready for our Easter egg hunt… which will be a week after Easter.  My kids and Grands  are going to the Other-Laws for Easter… so we’ll hold our little celebration a bit later.

Grab yourself some Easter Almond M&M’s and see if your don’t agree that they taste better than the regular colors.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana


P.S.  I also picked up a chocolate rabbit…. I’m going to sneak out and play Easter Bunny for myself.  This hare is a reminder of my youth when it was the only bit of candy  the Easter Bunny left.  Perhaps he didn’t know about Easter almond M&M’s nor Easter Almond Kisses.