As I See It

Belated Easter Egg Hunt

Our belated Easter egg hunt was fun. Because my kids take their families to the “Other Laws” on Easter, we hold our Easter egg hunt a week later. I filled each egg with candy and a dime… which they all love. They sort out their candy and fill their pockets with the money. They look forward to the coins as much as they do the candy. It’s been a fun tradition.

I set up two Easter egg hunts. The front yard hosts the younger kids and the backyard hunt is for the older ones.


Here are the younger kids… all set to go.


We did let little Abram go first… up to the count of ten… otherwise, he would get trampled by the mob.  Glade is his body guard and his extra eyes.


This is Randall.  He’s found that these bushes and trees held many an egg.  Some eggs are  green… which become a bit of a challenge to find.


It’s the big kid”s turn now. Run fast… the race is on.


“Hey… what’s going on here.  Norah… no coaching.”


Gee… it’s nice to have a guide. I guess that’s part of the fun and excitement too.

We have a good old time. The best part of getting older is that your blessings and fun are multiplied…. a hundred fold.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

P.S. I like Easter Egg hunts now days…. those plastic eggs sure beat having to boil and color 200 eggs. Some how… that much egg salad is not very appealing to me.