As I See It

Inauguration Day Perspective

This Inauguration Day certainly was one to be remembered.  I turned on my TV early to get a quick glimpse of the “comings and goings” of the event, and ended up spending far to many hours with my eyes glued to the screen.

The highlight of Inauguration day for me was, Aretha Franklin’s hat.  I loved that big gray bow with the shiny stones around the edges.  I wish I could be so big and bold about my apparel.  What a woman!

Now, you’re probably wondering if I’m so shallow as to consider Aretha the highlight of the day.  No… just trying to balance all the seriousness of the occasion with a little fun.  Now, let’s get serious!

1.  Yes, it will be an Inauguration Day that will live in the memory of many for years to come.  I was a senior in high school when JFK’s famous inaugural speech was piped through the inter-com system.  I remember that speech well.  Come to think of it… I can’t remember an Inauguration speech given by a President since.   Some events really make an impact.

There is no doubt… Obama is eloquent.  We have not had a President with such a command of the language in a long time.  His demeanor exudes confidence… or is it pride?   What he said yesterday will make an historical impact, but only if I step up to the plate on a personal level… as he encouraged all Americans to do.

2.  When I woke up this morning,  I thought about inaugural speech, and it took me back to when I paid for seminars, and listened to speakers that were powerfully motivating.  I would leave the seminar convinced I could change the world… only to wake up a few days later to find the same old gal looking at me in the mirror.  My mentor was gone and I felt abandoned some how.

Since the election… it seems the world stood still… waiting for Obama to become President so he could take charge and fix things.  I looked into the eyes of the crowd, and felt that there may be some expectation of… “Please fix things for me.”   If I expect government to fix it… it will never happen.  Nothing is fix from the top down.  There are many fallen governments that took that path.  Too much power at the top.

3.  Change will happen from the grass roots up.  That’s the strength of this country.  The point is… Do I have the courage to look at my own values and change what I need to change?  Do I have the courage to stand up against friends and neighbors who exhibit unhealthy morals and values?  Do I have the courage to stand up against my local, state and federal government, when I see things that do not promote honesty and integrity and freedom?  Do I understand… I have to stand on my own two feet and not expect the government to fix everything for me?

I refuse to stand by and allow this administration to follow the same course as the last one… and I refuse to allow this administration to take away my constitutional freedoms and replace them with socialist values with out raising my voice.  I want to join other Americans who believe we can make a difference by speaking out. Change… you bet… change from the grass roots up.  Look out Washington!

Time for me to look into the mirror and say…  Yes I can.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S. After Aretha sang… the hat company was bombarded with orders. They sold over 500 hats out of Dallas alone. They have several hundred more orders. See… I know a good thing when I see it.