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  • Printable Mother’s Day Cards – Mother’s Day Cards to Color

    Here are a couple of printable Mother’s Day Cards you can print in a snap. These unique cards are designed for your kids to attach their small school photos. Of course… they can color the card… or there is a pre-colored card available for them to just cut and give. I suggest the cards be […]

  • Tomato Pollination – How To Pollinate Your Tomatoes

    Tomato Pollination is usually left up to the bees.  Since each yellow tomato blossom has both  male and female parts, the tomato is considered a “self-fertilizing” plant.   All the bee has to to is flutter it’s wings around the blossoms, which causes the blossoms to vibrate, and waaa laaa… tomatoes are born.  Almost!  There are […]

  • Fire Fire Fire – Kitchen Grease Fire

    “Fire!”  “Fire!”  “Fire!”  Those are words I never thought I would be screaming.  But, due to grease fire in my kitchen, those words came from my mouth.  Even though the kitchen fire occurred in my home a couple of years ago, my fire experience has been recently recalled because of the number of fires in […]

  • Unique Wedding Gifts And Wedding Cards

    Selecting unique wedding gifts and cards isn’t much of a challenge if you’re trying to please both the bride and groom. “Couple” gifts are usually the most common wedding gifts offered. You know…housewares for the kitchen…. a toaster, can opener, and steak knives.   And, who spends the most time in the kitchen?  Generally, it’s […]

  • 10 “Good” Reasons For Snow In April – “Only The Good” Friday

    Are there 10 “Good” reasons for snow in April?  Yes, of course. If I didn’t look at the “Good” side of it…I might  sit down and cry.  So on this “Only The Good” Friday” I’m going to share with you my reasons for being grateful for snow at this late spring date. I woke up […]

  • Easter Bunny & Chicks On Easter Cards & Place Cards

    The Easter Bunny and Chicks are probably the most recognizable icons for Easter.  As a child, Easter was an exciting time because the Easter bunny always left, a necklace, new socks, and patten leather shoes next to a Chocolate Rabbit.  Mom would dress her daughters up in their finest and march us all off to […]

  • Special Needs – Emergency Preparedness

    The “Special Needs” your family will need in case of an unexpected crisis is our next emergency preparedness category. Since every family is different, “Special Needs” will vary from person to person within a household. Perhaps you have a baby, a pet or an elderly person living in your home. “Special Needs” are the individual […]

  • Happy Birthday To You – Miss Claire Bo

    Claire celebrated her fifth birthday on the March 24th.  It was a quiet celebration…just with her family.  I was lucky enough to be invited to join them at Denny’s for dinner…. the restaurant of her choice. Now don’t let this serene photo fool you…. This little child is full of surprises.  Yep… she sure surprised […]

  • Pansies Take A Bum Rap

    I think Pansies take a bum wrap.  How in the world did the word “Pansy” get tagged as being effeminate and weak.  The pansy is one of the boldest and strongest of flowers.  Pansies that are planted in the late fall, face winter  snow, wind and hail, and survive to lift their faces to the […]

  • Are Schools Killing Creativity In Kids?

    According to Ph. D. Sir Ken Robinson, schools are not allowing our children to be creative.  In fact, according to Professor Robinson, the present school system…world wide… stifles or kills creativity. In is new book, The Element:  How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything,  he explores the need for more creativity in our in our school […]