Perfect Whipped Cream Recipe

Here’s a perfect whipped cream recipe for your files. It has come to my attention that many cooks don’t use whipping cream because it never thickens properly. There are a couple of little tricks you can apply to be successful in whipping your cream for your desserts and pies.

There is a richness in flavor in thick whipping cream that you just can’t get when you use whipped toppings. Whipped toppings have their place… especially when you combine it with other ingredients. It holds it’s firmness better, if refrigerated over time, and does not separate as real cream will.  But, when your dressing a dessert or pie… there is nothing like topping it with real whipped cream.

1.  You will need one half pint of thick whipping cream.  If you purchase your cream by the quart, you will use 1 cup.

2.  Use 3 TB of sugar.  Most recipes call for 1/4 C… but that’s a bit sweet for me… especially if your dessert is particularly sweet.

3.  The next ingredient is flavoring.  The most common flavoring is vanilla.  Use 1 tes.  However, other flavorings can add an extra zing to your cream.  Maple flavoring is a delightful addition to your whipped cream… especially if your serving pumpkin pie.  I use about 1/2 tes. of maple flavoring.

Tip #1:  Chill your bowl and beaters in the freezer for about 15 mins. before you whip your cream.  Real cream takes a bit longer to whip than commercial toppings.  If you chill your bowl and beaters, your cream will whip faster and will hold the peaks longer.

Add your cream to a deep or large bowl.  If your bowl is too small, you’ll find that the beaters will flip cream all over the place… and on you.  As a child… we had a “whipping cream” bowl that was not wide but deep.  Cream was the only ingredient it ever held.  That ancient bowl, from my childhood, is in the possession of my sister Sheila… and is used for the same purpose.

Now… here is the important tip:  Do not add the sugar or flavoring to the whipping cream until you have whipped the cream a bit.  Turn your beaters on high, and whip the cream until it begins to thicken.  When you see a change in the consistency of the cream, or a thickening,  beat for a few seconds more before adding the 3 tablespoons of sugar.  If you add the sugar and flavoring to the cream at the beginning… your cream will not whip properly… if at all.

Add 1 tes. of vanilla or 1/2 tes. of maple flavoring.

Continue to whip the cream on high speed until it forms firm soft peaks.  Don’t over whip… It can change to a butter consistency very quickly.

If by chance you do over whip the cream, and it looks a little like soft butter…. don’t despair…. there is a way to recover it.

Just add more whipping cream.  You can fold it in by hand… your give it a quick run through with your beaters.  Just  don’t over beat again.

There you go.  Fresh whipped cream for your dessert or pie.


Till later

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  I love to lick the beaters after whipping the cream.  Don’t you?

P.P.S.  Remember now… don’t add the sugar and flavoring to your whipping cream too soon.  It’s the key to perfect whipped cream. I’ve added a video below so you can see the process in action of you want.

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