Holiday Chili Dip Recipe

This Chili Dip Recipe is a quick and easy answer for a Holiday crowd.  It’s so easy, I’m almost embarrassed to give it to you.  I said… “Almost.”  Why would I keep any secret back that would make your life easier during rush of the holiday season?

If you keep the ingredients on hand… you’ll be ready for any last minute invitation  to join a party.  You can actually say… “May I bring something,” and mean it sincerely.   This dip recipe has been one of our family’s favorites… for over 30 years.

All you need is one can of Chili Without Beans.  No Beans allowed here.  Yes, they do carry it at your local store.  1  12 oz  package of Cream Cheese.   Thats it… really.  Oh…. and you can pick up the chips on your way to the party.

I usually put mine together on top of the stove… but you can use the microwave… just check it often and stir it a lot.  Plop the cream cheese on top of the chili.

And stir and heat until all of the cream cheese it melted.

Serve with your favorite chips.

This ones a “no brain-er” but a good one.


Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  I’ve even been know to take all the ingred. to a gathering and mix it up there so it’s served piping hot.