Best Strawberry Daiquiri Slush

I was introduced to the best strawberry daiquiri (virgin of course) by Gene Latta, a Chef at Brigham Young University. This is an quick easy recipe you can use to win your family’s favor… on hot summer evenings.

This daiquiri recipe is so easy, your kids can prepare it and treat you… while you relax on the back patio… in your lounge chair… nibbling on bon bons. (Fat Chance!)

Chef Latta has graciously agreed to share his recipe for Strawberry Daiquiri Slush. So… here we go.

1 32 Oz.bag of Frozen Strawberries
1 16 Oz. bottle of Sprite or 7Up

Blend in a blender until of the berries are slush. You make have to push the berries into the blades now and again.

There you go… Serve the Strawberry Daiquiri Slush in fancy goblets… or those cute plastic goblets you can get at wedding supply houses. The kids just love it when you’re fancy!

Keep Cool!

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

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