Best New Years Party – New Years Party Food

Of course, the best new years party includes food and lots of it.  And, with all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday you’re probably not interested in cooking. Yet, you want to serve or take to your New Year parties food that is easy to prepare, scrumptious and looks great.

Well, I have the perfect New Year party recipe for you.  It’s easy, scrumptious and looks wonderful sitting among the other new year fare on the buffet table. This recipe was share with me by my friend, Dana, who puts together and hosts convention parties for large companies.

I’ve served this appetizer three times this holiday season, and it’s been a success every time. It will be a winner for you when it comes to New Years party food.


The ingredients are simple.  1.  one package of Cream Cheese

2.  Chili Sauce. I used my own Chili Sauce I bottled earlier this year.  Now if you don’t bottle Chili Sauce don’t despair.  There is a delicious brand called “Homemade Chili Sauce.”  Yep, that’s the name of it and the label on the jar is small.  It’s 12 oz. of great Chili Sauce.  You can find it on your grocers shelf in a round looking bottle.

3.  1/2 tsp. of Creamy Horseradish,  or add more depending upon your taste.

4.  2 cups of small, Ready To Eat Shrimp.  I picked up a large size bag of small frozen shrimp.  I have to admit… I used a few more shrimp than the recipe called for… because I love shrimp.

5.  Crackers of your choice.


Put the shrimp into a colander and allow it to thaw and drain well.  (After the shrimp has thawed… I’ve patted them dry with a paper towel to eliminate any extra moisture.


Place the Cream Cheese in the middle of a plate.


Put 2 cups of Chili Sauce or 1 bottle of “Home Made Chili Sauce into a bowl.  Mix 1/2 tsp. of Horseradish into the Chili Sauce.  (More if you like.)


Pour the Chili Sauce and Horseradish mixture over the Cream Cheese.


Dump the shrimp on top of the Cream Cheese and  Chili Sauce.  Place a small spoon or knife at the side of the plate for convenient scooping.    Serve the with crackers of your choice.

There you go… one easy, bright, delicious New Years Party food.

Hope you have the best new years party ever.

Till Later.

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  If you have any fantastic New Years Party Ideas, please share… I’d love to hear from you.

4 responses to “Best New Years Party – New Years Party Food”

  1. How funny! I once had a friend who always brought this dish to any party she came to! (I even think she used the Homemade Chili Sauce!) Haven’t seen or talked to JoAnn in many years. I was just thinking about it this week and how much I liked it. And now you post the recipe! Too cool.

  2. YUMM – I had no idea this was that simple – I had some at the Christmas party and went back for seconds of course.

    Hey, remind me about an old family receipe. I need something for new years party and I’m sick of sweets (as I stuff a homemade carmel in my mouth) remember the apple/raisin salad? I would love to have that receipe because it is hard to get fresh stuff right now, but the apples are still great. THANKS