Waste Not Want Not – Cooking Tip For Cookies

“Waste not want not,” as my Grandma Ella use to say.  Well, here’s a clever cooking tip for reviving stale cookies so you don’t fall into the “wasteful” category.

finalcookie11I did a bit of early Christmas baking in December and placed my special Oatmeal Christmas cookies in a Tupperware container and forgot about them.  When I remembered they were hidden in the laundry room, (to keep them from disappearing before the family party) they had become a bit stale.

(By the way, this Oatmeal Cookie recipe is to die for and it’s a “cooking for a crowd” size.)

Back to the cooking tip.  No worry!  Simple put into practice a simple cooking trick I learned from my Grandma Ella.   Cut a fresh apple into slices and place a few here and there in the container with the cookies and replaced the tight lid.  After about 5 or 6 hours, removed the apple slices.  The moisture from the apple slices will soften the cookies right up.


No one could tell that the oatmeal Christmas cookies were not baked that very day.

I’ve tried this cooking tip on other stale items such as cake, cake donuts and sweet loaf breads.

Try this cooking tip when you’re tempted to toss out stale cookies.  Remember, “waste not want not.”

Til Later,

Insightful Nana

P.S.  Don’t forget the apples slices in your container.  If you do, too much moisture from the apples will cause some of the cookies, that are in direct contact with the apples, to become a bit mushy.