Cooking Tips

A Cookings Tip For Chopping

A cooking tip for chopping or slicing came to me by accident today. I was talking to my sister Sheila on the phone complaining that I couldn’t find my cutting board.

Then I remembered: My mom was cleaning up my kitchen the other day and I’m sure she tucked in a handy little spot. Love her soul…she has a little memory problem and can’t remember from one moment to the next where she as put things. I’ll find it some day… perhaps behind the canned goods… or under the sink next to the dish soap. Yes, I’ll find it… some day.

In the mean time I was desperate. I grabbed a paper plate and cut my olives on it. I’m taking them to our family reunion so I needed to put them in a sandwich baggie. Oh how easy it was to just fold the plate a bit and slide the olives into the bag. Great! Good idea! I think I’ll be using little paper plates more often. No more scooping up tiny items with my hands… or sliding them off of a cutting board with half of the food flying about.

Off and running.

Till Later
Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S. It was nice just to throw the paper plate away… no washing the cutting board.,
P.S.S. Thanks mom… you’re a olive saver.