Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas gift ideas for that special some one can be a challenge… especially when they don’t have any “real needs.”  I mean…  they don’t “need” towels, kitchen appliances and the like.   Christmas gift giving is fun when you run across something your loved one will be crazy about.   Well, I have a unique Christmas gift idea for you.


All my kids have a “collection” of one type or another.   I simply look for an addition to their collections.  Through the years, it has made my Christmas gift giving a lot easier.   I have yet to see disappointment on their faces when I add to their collections.

My son, Wade, collects old banks, and old table clocks.   He has an old metal bank that is a rare find.  Very few were ever made and I won’t tell you what I paid for it.

My daughter, Katie, is a professional photographer and collects old cameras, and ….. believe it or not “Black Culture” memorabilia.   I’ve given her old dolls, salt and pepper shakers, a cookie jar and several copies of the famous old “Cream Of Wheat” advertisements.   Authentic “Black Culture” memorabilia is hard to find… so it’s especially rewarding when you find the real McCoy.

I watch for old perfume bottles, sugar bowls and creamers, and old hand painted plates for my daughter, Emily.   At a garage sale, I found a beautiful sugar and creamer that was stamp “Made In Prussia” and I picked it up for a song and dance.  I know the folks selling it didn’t have any idea of its value.

Brad is a musician,  so I find unusual small instruments and old music books and sheet music.   His collection ranges from a small African thumb harp to old harmonicas.

My friend, Marie, collects old baby dishes.  She has a ton of them already but is always happy to get a new one.   I’m always on the look out for “turkeys” for my  sister, Sheila’s collection….. (the Thankgsgiving kind.)   My niece, Camille, collects Nativity sets so Sheila purchases one for her daughter’s collection every year.

My friends and sister, Sheila are my extra eyes.  They know what I’m looking for so they are always on the look out for me.

So….  when I go into an antique store or stumble upon a great yard sale, I have a purpose in mind.  Often my Christmas gift shopping is completed well in advance.

Hope this helps a bit.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.   I have found great finds on eBay as well as antique stores and garage sales for unique Christmas gift ideas.

P.P.S  Not everyone has a collection.   If not… start them one.

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My family will say that I am hard to buy for – Hey! read this post.

You can add to my collections any day of the week! You know…old salt and pepper shakers, shawls, old “Good Shepard” pictures or old hymnals.


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