Gardening Tools – Handy Gardening Tote

My gardening tools were scattered all over the place until I came up with this handy gardening tote, which is simply a large basket.  Now, you can certainly purchase a gardening tote at your local hardware store…but this simple basket works just fine for me.


Until all my small gardening tools ended up in this basket tote… I was forever running back and forth to the garage to pick up this and that.


Here are a few garden tools that seem to be constantly needed.

1.  Small clipper and scissors. Use them for “dead heading” flowers and pruning out-of-control branches and stems.

2.  A gallon container. This is just a convenient container for the weeds and flower tops I collect.

3.  An extra sprinkler and nozzle. It makes change overs easy.

4.  A small garden sprayer. I found this one at a farm and garden supply store.  It was only $10.00 and well worth it.  It holds a  quart of Round  Up.   Getting right down among the flowers is easy.  You can give the weeds a straight shot of Round Up without the spray surrounding flowers.  Of course… do this on a calm day.   Now if you don’t want to invest in a regular garden sprayer… a regular spray bottle will do… as long as you can twist the nozzle so it sprays in a narrow stream.

5.  Disposable vinyl gloves. Pick yourself up a package of disposable gloves.  Find them the paint department at Walmart rather than in the first aid area… they’re cheaper.   Always use them when you handle Round Up because the chemical will go right through bare skin. Put on shoes (no sandals,) long pants and a long sleeve shirt.  After spraying,  change your clothes.

6.  A salt shaker?


Now if you noticed in the first photo… there is a salt shaker in the basket.  I often go out early in the morning and find those nasty slugs chewing on my flowers.   Boy… they’re “dead meat” when you sprinkle a little salt on them.   I then scoop them up with my little shovel and toss them into the gallon container…. to be disposed of in the garbage can.   Don’t step on them… they leave their eggs behind.   Using slug bait this year has not worked well because we’ve had so much rain.

You probably have your favorite gardening tools.  Find yourself a basket or garden tote and filler up.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

My sister, Sheila, has decorated her garden shed with antique garden tools.   Can you imagine decorating your garden shed?   Well, go take a look.  It’s a treat!

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  1. Me and my friend want to earn a bit of money , and we are both, naturally, quite handy in the garden and can do general tasks such as weeding, mowing, planting and general tidying up etc. is it illegal to hand out flyers and then do this? thanks….